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A New Day or A New Life

Today is a very important day. For starters it's Friday. I love Friday's. Also today is the day I give my power point presentation to my Biology 2 class. It is on Mammals and it's our last lesson of the year. Which is taught by Emily and I. The power point is 22 slides. That is the longest power point I have ever made. 
Other than that. I found that my friends cell phone isn't working so he hasn't been able to talk to me since like Monday. My other friend Livi is going to get her license today and I have to call the place to see if any days are open next month. Yeah fun. I'm very nervous about going to get mind but it's about time. I am 18 and I don't want to ride the bus my senior year, Yuck. 
Well I didn't get anything I wanted to get done done this week. All my goals went down the drain. I am very unhappy about that. Haha.
Well I got to go. School is aprroching and I need to get to the bus stop on time.
Love Britt Did I tell every…

Ugh...I'm Bored

Good Morning and Hello

I woke up and I'm ready for the day to be over all ready. Had three tests in school yesterday. I'm pretty much in the I don't care mood anymore. I just want school to be over all ready. Want to get my senior graduation project started and complete it before I go completely insane. I also need to start locating schools (colleges that I want to go to) in PA and everywhere. I might fill out applications for schools all over the place just to see where I would get accepted. I'll have to make a list. First I have to take the SATs or ACTs or both. It depends. Probably end of taking both.

Every time I move my head my bangs get in the way. It is very annoying. I love my long hair. It's very nice and surprisingly I can do a lot with it if you know what I mean. 
School is driving me crazy. Two more weeks and I'm finally done. Yay! I love school but I need to turn in the money for my Vet thing I want to do this summer. Which probably won't happen. I…

A little World we All Call Home

Good Morning to the World
I am oddly in a very good mood. Which is werid considering I have two tests and a quiz today. Haha. Along with that I have a project I have to give on Friday. I still need to add pictures and the rest of the power point to it. 
My Goals this week are as listed... I will complete the second Book in the Night World Series Book 2.I will finish Chapter five by this weekend. I will write my first review(maybe) not quite sure yet.I will do all my swaps on Well those are my goals. I'll let everyone know if they happen or not. I am so excited. I like to make lists. It makes me feel sophisticated.Talk to you all tonight. I have to get on to finish my ppt. 
Love Britt  <3

Last Youth Group Meeting for the School Year

Hello Everyone and Goodmorning
Anyway, Yesterday was the last Youth Group meeting for the year. It was a lot of fun. We went to Abc's North Bowling Lanes and bowled. Haha. I am very bad at bowling. Anyway. Not much is happening. I won' get to see my friends from church much over the summer and this makes me very sad. I love all my friends. They are all so great to me. Hehe. 
I went to my dad's house this weekend. He told me that in July if he sells the cuda that he has been fixing up and gets like seven thousand. That he's going to give me two thousand for a car of my own. He wants to buy me a stick shift mustang. I am totally okay with that, I prefer automatic but I need to learn how to drive stick so I can do both. Heck if I get my driver's license before July I might drive myself down to Florida. 
I love Mustangs...basically anything that goes fast.
I drove my dads car all over the place on Saturday. That thing can hit like 50 in 25 zone and 80 or more in a 60 zone…

Ugh...Why don't parent ever understand?

Hey Everyone One
I am really ticked off at my parents right now.
They just don't seem to understand. My little sister comes in my room and takes my things without asking. The best part is she never puts the thing she took back and then something bad happens to it. Ugh.  It drives me completely insane. 
Anyway I am working on making my site better. I don't know how. I'm working on making something for my About me thing in the corner. Trying to be more creative is my goal. haha. That's why I take art.
Graduation Project I am so excited because yesterday I found out what teacher I have for my graduation project. I have my Biology two teacher Mr. B. He's pretty cool and I don't think he will be that hard on me because I am one of his students this year. Now all I have to do is get my Humane Society applications to the Humane Society and then I'll be good. I won't be able to start until a little bit into August because my summer is so jam packed of things I am doi…

What are my Goals for this weekend?

Well Let's See Now.... My Goals...
Well as many of you know. I am writing my own book which I would love to get published someday but thats more of a long term goal. 
My Goals this weekend are to.... have many tests this monday and tuesday and I need to be ready for them. Especailly my math test and World Cultures test. Plus I need to finsih my power point for Science class. Agh. To much to do and not enough time.
As far as reading goes... I need to finish The Secod Volume of Night World books 4-6. I am on book five The Chosen and its really good. Then I want to read the third volume after that. 
Today in the mail I got the new book Gimmeacall. I won it when Random Buzz decided to pick fifteen lucky people to get the new book and I was picked. 
As far as writing goes.. I am on chapter five. Which means I need to buckle down and finsh chapter five so I can move on to chapter six. Then I need to have a major typing session and type both chapters four and five before I…

My Little Sister has Finally Taken Over my Life

Hello and Good Morning Everyone,
Last night My sister Shannon and I got in a huge fight. I don't remember what it was about but it had to do with her stealing my stuff again and then never putting it back where it belongs. I just wish she understood why it bugs me so much. I know I'm supposed to throw examples at her but all I do is the bad sister deal. That's how I am I guess that makes me a bad sister.
Anyway My favorite author, Weezie Mackey, joined Inkpop. I'm so very excited because her life is so heck it and shes so busy with her life. Which I understand she has two little boys that she has to take care of and then she has two books she is working on.
Ugh. I'm so ready for June 11, 2011. The day school ends and summer begins. 
I didn't get any of my goals accomplished this week. I didn't type up chapter four and didn't finish chapter five. Life is so fulfilling. All this homework and other stuff I do makes my day go by so fast and it's…

The Days of Our Lives

Hello and Welcome,
Update...Update 05/18/10: Yesterday I took Nimue on a walk and she poohed outside. I was so excited. Haha. It was totally unexpected because Nimue is not house broken fully yet.
Yesterday I went to my meeting with Vanessa Klunk from the Animal Clinic near my house. We talked about Co-op and she told me what I would be doing there and what my job would be, I'm so excited. I told her I was interested and she told me to contact her when I find out my start time so I know. Also I didn't mention the cool part yet. I get to wear scrubs and white tennis shoes.
We stopped at another vets office and I left my card with them because the lady that I was trying to get a hold of was never there. So now she has to get in touch with me.

I am so tired. I woke up and realized I didn't really want to get up at 5:00 pm. My alarm clock wouldn't stop beating. So I had to get out of bed and flick the switch on and off real quick. The annoying noise stopped and I sat there o…

Wishes On High

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Blog
Today I woke up and thought "Oh No! I'm late for school." Then I remembered that I had off school today. Which is very exciting knowing that we only have a couple more weeks before school is over and all the fun begins.

Anyway I have a meeting with the  Animal Clinic today. I am going to talk to the supervisor there about my co-op options for my senior year of High School. I am so excited about it because I love animals and I want to be a vet someday. So this experience will help me in the future. Then I also have to call another animal clinic to talk to them about my co-op options and see which one I would want to do. Then I will tell my co-op adviser about it and let her know what I choose to do.

Next Year I will be a senior. I cannot wait to finish school and make that move to Alva, Florida with my dog Nimue. I've been looking forward to the trip since I was in middle school. 

Update of the Day 05/18/10: Lets see nothing new…

World Abomination

The Day the World Crashed Down On Me

Today I was hit with an odd sensation. I realized that my dog Nimue pronounced Nim-way. Is not yet potty trained and that I have been a horrible dog owner. My dog is a yellow lab and pittbull mix. My family adopted her when she was three months old and the family had told us "The pups have never been outside before." Does anyone see something wrong with that picture. Also upon getting Nimue, she was not potty trained and she was never taught any manners. At first I didn't realize the mistake we as a family had made. All I cared about was getting a new dog into my family.

Now I realize that was a huge mistake. My family and I never realized that getting a new dog would be such a hard process. Nimue is not potty trained. She will eliminate on the floor when we are not home. To fix this problem we want to get a crate to put her in during the day, She chews anything she can get her paws on including paper towels, toilet paper…

Wake Up Call...!!!

Hello Everyone and Good morning,
The time is 5:49 am, I woke up at five today. 
Welcome to my Blog Lets get started with a little review. As many of you know I am writing a book called Forbidden Ties. The book is currently being written and I am only on Chapter Five. No, unfortunately I have not decided yet if my book will be a trilogy or a series of any kind yet. That will be my next poll asking people answers and hopefully getting them.  Anyway, I love school but I hate the crazy schedule they have the students on, wake up, catch the bus, do all your homework. Which I'm not sure I did. Haha, Oops.  I just can't wait until June 11th. The day school is over and my vacation begins with a trip to South Carolina. During that time, I'm not sure I will be able to blog. I'll try, I promise! Hehe.
I am so excited for the summer. My last high school summer. Hehe. 
So I woke up and realized "Man why am I up so early." I am a early to rise kind of girl and I almost always ge…

What is Inkpop?

What is Inkpop you may be asking yourself. It exactly how it sounds a place for ink to be written.  Love to write.  Connect with teen writers, Read and vote on what others write and post on their page, along with the contests. Make the top pick list and get a read by the Editor of HarperCollins.

What’s your story? Do you love to write. Want to connect with others who share the same interest. Want to get yourself out there,. Then is the solid place for you. I recommend anyone to check out this site.

Hello to Blogger Centre

Hello and Welcome to My Blog,
I am new to the site so please be patience with me as I learn all the exciting things about it.  My name is Brittney and I am a member of  If you have a interest in writing then please check it out. I am not very good at blogging so please bare with me. Anyway I am here to talk about new things, old things, and anything in between. I love to write and might post up some info about what I am currently working on as of as soon as I can. Please don't be shy, feel free to ask me questions or become my friend. I am always looking for new friendship.
Inkpop News
Update 05/16/10
Check out my page on Inkpop. To Find me Look up my Book Forbidden Ties. As always feel free to explore the site, its full of fun things.

Other News:
I am currently working on my Book Forbidden Ties. It is in the process as many would say, I am working on Chapter Five.
Forbidden Ties:

Info:A paranormal tale of adventure. When a ghost girl turns up in Luke's kitchen, he questions…