Friday, May 21, 2010

What are my Goals for this weekend?

Well Let's See Now....
My Goals...

Well as many of you know. I am writing my own book which I would love to get published someday but thats more of a long term goal. 

My Goals this weekend are to.... have many tests this monday and tuesday and I need to be ready for them.
Especailly my math test and World Cultures test. Plus I need to finsih my power point for Science class. Agh. To much to do and not enough time.

As far as reading goes...
I need to finish The Secod Volume of Night World books 4-6. I am on book five The Chosen and its really good. Then I want to read the third volume after that. 

Today in the mail I got the new book Gimmeacall. I won it when Random Buzz decided to pick fifteen lucky people to get the new book and I was picked. 

As far as writing goes..
I am on chapter five.
Which means I need to buckle down and finsh chapter five so I can move on to chapter six. Then I need to have a major typing session and type both chapters four and five before I completly lose it. 

Well that's about it
Oh I'm going to my dads house this weekend. Won't be back until Sunday. Ugh, What will I do without the computer. I need to get a laptop. 

Love Brittney L.