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The Big...The Bad....and The Ugly


Welcome to my Blog...

Anyway, it has been a while since I last updated. So lets get everyone up to date...

This weekend we are moving into our new house. I am so excited because the house is along the canal and we have access to the river. Yay...Boating!

Today I took my Locator Test for the GED course. I did pretty good...passed the reading with flying colors but the math and language (like gammer and junk) I got a D which stands for difficult...not bad I would have to say. I also wrote an essay and she said that I would most likely pass only problem would being able to get a high enough score to past the whole exam as in altogether.  So I get to go back tomorrow to work on my Math. She thinks that I will be ready in about Two months from November 1st is what she thinks. Which gives me time to take the ACTs in the Winter like around January and even time to sign up for college courses in the spring with my bestie.

I have completed the first chapter of …

New Life and New Beginnings

Hello Everyone,

I have some great news.

As of Thursday August 11th, I decided to stay in Florida with my best friends family.

This means that I am no longer in public school. I will now be a part of homeschool and other variations of online schooling. I plan on getting my GED. My GED will open new doors for me. Such as Online Vet Tech school and even college. It doesn't matter if you have a GED or a high school diploma. In my book they are the same.

To make matters more exciting. We are moving again. To a new house. Where I am going to be sharing a room with my bestie. We already have it all planned out.

My friends parents have been nothing but supportive. Yesterday they offered to give me a Compac computer and monitor. I was so surprised and I accepted because I will need a computer no matter where I am. I still have a few things I need to figure out. Like how old is this computer I was given and can I load the newer Microsoft programs onto it. I also need to copy everything on t…