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Hello Everyone
I have about a week and three days until I go on vacation to Florida. I am so excited. I get to see my bff and stay with her for a month and six days. Then I come home and do all the fun home stuff. I'm actually very excited about the home stuff becuase then I will get to see my other friend who I just hung out with a couple of days ago. 
In other news. I have finally finished the first revised chapter of Forgotten Ties. I think it may just be a winner. This excites me...!!!
Also, I have other news. I got my copy of Angelia's Ashes. It is a memoir by Frank McCourt.  I am so excited to write my own memoir. I plan to write them about the influence my Grandfather had on my life. I think it will work.
Time to go...
Love Britt <3

We Celebrate a Uniting of the Ages

I have finally met my match. Who you all may ask? Well I can't tell you his name but he is very good at what he does. He has been a very interesting person. I really like him. 
But anyway I have got a lot of things to do. Get a book. Read it, write three papers. So much fun. Let me tell you what. Haha. But anyway I got nothing to loose. I also have to start my senior project. I love my senior year. SO much to do. I'm not sure I can fall as well. Haha.
Well Inkpop has been going well. Catching up to what has to be done. Still not complete. Haha. So now I am working on my first chapter of Forbidden Ties. I am crazy. I am funny. I love to laugh. I have ran out of things to say. I might say many things to say. 
Love Britt <3

Back in the Game!!!!

Hey Y'all Here's My Southern Voice speaking.
Anyway I got a lot on my mind.  We get home last night and our house smells like cat litter(and not the good clean smell) the dirty nasty smelling. We clean out the kitty litter, turn on the air, take our showers, and head off to bed. Listening to three very annoying cats who will not stop saying their hellos  which I am sure are pleads for "feed me" and "pet me" instead of welcome home. Other than that I walked into my apartment and no dog came rushing to greet me. Let me just tell you that it's not home when some dog doesn't come to welcome you home. But it's all good now. We got her back today. I'm so happy to have my little puppy back.
Anyway on Saturday I'm going to hang out with my friend. I haven't seen him in a while and I can't wait to see him. Hehe.
Well that's all for now. Love Britt <3

On the Road Again....!

Bongour Les Amies 
Today we go home from South Carolina. I have been in SC for only  a week. Starting last Saturday.  It is very pleasent here and if you are looking to visit somewhere then go to Hilton Head Island. It has a little bit of everything. I love this new grocery store we used called Pigly Wigly's. It's such a funny name but it's an amazing store. 
Well I haven't blogged all week and I have given myself a week to gather my thoughts on my three stoires that are in the process of being written. I almost can't wait to get home just to put my finger on my pens and start flipping away. 
Soon I'm going to Florida. I can't wait. I get to fly all on my own. Which is so exciting. I'm going to die.  Well that's all I have for today.
Goodbye Friends Love Britt <3


Bonjour Les Amies
If you don't know Francois(French) then you probably don't know what the above words mean. It says Hello Friends. I took French this year in High school. I love french. 
Shhh...I'm a bad student today. Not going on my last day. Haha. Take that School Broad. Today my family and I go on vacation to Hilton Head Islands in South Carolina. I'm so excited. It has a tennis court and I'm going to play until my legs are made into JELLO.  J'aime jouer au tennis. I love to play tennis is what my french words say next door. I am actually using the french I learned. This is so exciting. 
Today we have a thirteen hour drive ahead of us, I'm so excited. I should look up how to say that in french. I probably know it just don't remember it. 
My poor puppy Nimue is being sent to the pound or kennel today for a week while we are away. I don't know how well she will take to it but I hope she doesn't call any problems. 
Well that's all for now folks …

One day left of School. Yes!

I can officially say I am a senior. Well it's not official until tomorrow on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Haha. I am so excited. After I get out of school I go on vacation to South Carolina. It's going to be totally awesome dude.  Well anyway I am still on Inkpop. I love that website. I am addicted. I have been working on three stories so far. I have to reedit some of my older chapters and make them much shorter. Ugh. So much work and not enough time.  I also have to start my senior project for graduation which I haven't looked at in weeks. Ugh.
Well that's all I can plug in for today.
Love Britt

One and a half days of school left...Yay!

Hello and Welcome
   Today June 9th is the start of finals. A very annoying test that we take for our important classes such as English, Math, Science and World Cultures. Last night I studied only for English and that's not saying a lot. I'm just not in the mood to study. I go on vacation in two days. So it's like why does it matter. I'll try my best but that's all they'll get from me. Did I mention that I'm probably going to fail? Well hey what can you do!
I really want school to be over. No I want to get next year over with as well. 
Well to put everyone on a better note. This is my first post since May 2010. That's sad really I didn't have much time. Other than that I came up with an idea for another book. I haven't figured out all the pieces yet. I have all summer to do that. Which reminds me I need to do a little reserach on some summer reading books. Ugh. We have three choices and none of them sound interesting but I have to pick at least on…