Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello Everyone

I have about a week and three days until I go on vacation to Florida. I am so excited. I get to see my bff and stay with her for a month and six days. Then I come home and do all the fun home stuff. I'm actually very excited about the home stuff becuase then I will get to see my other friend who I just hung out with a couple of days ago. 

In other news. I have finally finished the first revised chapter of Forgotten Ties. I think it may just be a winner. This excites me...!!!

Also, I have other news. I got my copy of Angelia's Ashes. It is a memoir by Frank McCourt.  I am so excited to write my own memoir. I plan to write them about the influence my Grandfather had on my life. I think it will work.

Time to go...

Love Britt