Short Stories

One Green Eye & One Brown Eye
I have one green eye and one brown eye. The green eye sees the truth , but the
brown eye sees much, much more.
The Alley
People keep telling me that the world is such a safe place. But if that were really true there wouldn't be any more war, any more sexual assaults, any more murder, and least of all any more hurt. The world is such a safe place alright!
A Place I Called Home
Julia Meyers always thought she was normal. Well at least as normal as you could be living where she did. Julia had been omitted to the Asylum For the Mentally Insane at the crisp age of Eight. She had tried to kill her family.
Dreams are a part of the human imagination. The Dreamer drifts off to sleep and then the fantastic liquid pools invade leaving no part untouched. What happens when dreams become your reality? What happens when your dreamless? Well then you become Sleepless. 
Wild Star
The story of a sad, lonely, wolf.
Black Foot
The story of an alpha wolf looking after his pack.