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What to Expect - Six Month Old Baby Violet...!!!

Hey Y'all,
So I know its super late but Violet turned six months old. Of course by the time you'll see this she will have already turned eight months old. I'm going to post some pictures of her back from July. I hope everyone enjoys them. 

Common Ground...!!!

Hey Y'all,
I have been so busy in my life. I recently became a mother in January and started a new job at the end of February. A lot things are happening in my life and its crazy. I live in a world that is continuously changing around me. I can't stop it and I certainly can't change what is happening out in the world. The only thing I can do is control the way I react to these things. One of those things that have changed is becoming a mother. I recently became a mom. It is a rewarding role and one I wouldn't change for the world. I love my daughter, Violet so much. She just recently started to smile at me more and every time I get her to smile. I experience the most amazing feeling of pride, joy, and love. She is such an amazing little gift that I have been blessed. I couldn't be happier. 
I also got a new job at a calling center. I'm super exited to start my new life in a new career. I think I will do really well at my job after I get out of my training perio…

Steps to Being Debt Free...!!!

Hey Y'all,
For a while now I have been trying to get my life back on track financially. I've been doing just that but it hasn't been easy in any means.  I'm also not any closer to calling myself debt free. But I have learned a few things since I made so mistakes so long ago. I'm gonna throw some tips on here to hopefully help others not make my mistakes.
1. Pay on Your Debt - So the first thing that always helps pay off debt is to pay it off as soon as you can. Pay it off the best you can, as soon as you can. I usually make payments as I spend. I think you should never spend more than you can afford to pay back right away. It's the best way you can assure that you don't go into debt.
2. Stop Using Credit Cards - I know, I know. This contradicts what it says above. If you can, cut up your credit cards, close your accounts, and start to pay them off. It's much better for you to close your accounts than to have someone else close them for you. 
3. Use Cash…

Writing on Wednesday - Alice Poem...!!!

Hey Y'all,
Down the Rabbit Hole Alice Went
Down the Rabbit Hole Alice Fell
A white rabbit lead the way Down, Down, Down, she went
Wonderland was her web That caught her fall
Not sure if I really like this at all. But I wrote it at one point. I wrote this back when I wanted to create a new story about Alice in Wonderland. But I never got a chance to peruse it. I don't know, maybe I will now since I;m a new mom.