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Oh me, Oh my...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Halloween was a success at our house. We had so many little ghouls and monsters running about that I couldn't help but dress up too.

So this month is a huge month for me. Why might you ask? Well all the video games I have been waiting for are being released in November.

First let's start off the party with the best game series I have ever played by far. The Uncharted Series from the Naughty Dog company. They've put so much effort into these games, making them one of the most loved shooter/adventure games ever created. It was even given the Game of the Year Award. I mean they really pulled out all the shots with this game. The Graphics are amazing and the shooter aspect of the game is pretty awesome too. I love it when game companies give their shooter games a story, a purpose to use the gun in your hand other than the it's you or the enemy deal. Haha. It's funny because when I first ever picked the game up at Gamestop, I was going to put it back but t…

What I'm Excited About, Part Two...!!!

Hey Everyone,

So as you already know there are plenty of books coming out this year that are really exciting. I really can't wait for them. Haha. I love reading and although I'm a particularly slow reader, I still, enjoy sticking my nose in a book if I get the chance.  So here's just a few books that seem interesting.

Juilet Immortal
Sphinx's Queen
The Nightmare Garden
The Sharp Time
Finding Somewhere
Don't Expect Magic

So that's all that I really think these are the books that I'm excited about. Some of them may have already come out and some may not have. So now that I'm really excited about these books, I can't wait to read them. Haha

What I'm Excited About...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Okay. There are a few things that I'm really excited about this year. There are a number books that I can't wait to read. Especially since some of my favorite authors have either already published new books or they are just getting started on a new one.

Ally Carter : So I love Ally Carters books and I haven't really been ready any of them. So here's the books of hers I can't wait to read.

Gallagher Girls Series:
Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover
Only the Good Spy Young
Out of Sight, Out of Time - GG5

Heist Society Series:
Uncommon Criminals
Heist Society Three - Unsure of Release Date

Gail Carson Levine: So this is one of my all time favorite authors. I just her voice and no I don't mean her actual voice but her writer's voice.

A Tale of Two Castles
Beloved Elodie - Being Written

Kelly Armstrong: I read her Darkest Powers Series and I completely fell in love with this series. So I'm looking forward to her other books.

Darkest Rising Serie…