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Happy Halloween...!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone,

Tonight was an awesome night at my house. I put on my kitty ears. Got my makeup out. Drew on my whiskers and kitty nose and made my eyes a very dramatic blue with eyeshadow. We had at least sixteen little ghouls come to our door and use the phrase we all know and love, Trick or Treat. I handed out candy and wished them a Happy Halloween. They were all so cute and fearsome. I think next year, I want to get a costume.

Broken Hearts Will Mend...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I am having such a hard time moving on from my last relationship. I want to move on. Really I do. I just can't seem to. I was so happy in the past with this guy. I thought he was so many things and it just hurts knowing that everything we had was a lie. I mean it may seem silly but I can't hate him. I can't just stop caring. I wish things could be easier but they're not.

I must find ways to get involved with things that will allow me to get my mind off of him. I've got to get to the Library to borrow some books. I also must complete my art supplies box that I've been working on for about a month now. Once I've completed my art supplies box I'm going to start on my photo box. I should get back into writing because I still haven't completed Chapter Seven of The Light Chronicles. I also am trying to catch up to the shows I am watching on the computer. Like right now I'm watching Fairy Tail and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. There…

Watch Out...I'm on the Road...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Guess what! I got my Driver's License. I know, I know. Your probably saying. Britt, what took you so long? I'm twenty and I just got my license. But at least I got it right. Haha. I passed. Yay. Good for me. The odds were really against me that day. It was raining, the roads were wet, I've had barely any practice in the rain, and I had a major stomach ache. But I manged to get through the test and pass.

So yeah, that's all there is to tell for now. Nothing interesting is really going on in my life. I got a job at a grocery store. I start Monday. I'm just happy I got a job. I mean now that I have my license, I need to pay insurance. Which isn't too bad for me. I think it could be a lot worst in price. To be honest I think I'm lucky that I'm not paying a whole lot of money on my car insurance.

I'm obsessed with the game, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I think it's so much fun. I also got my little sister into the game. I love having to co…

It Smells Like Winter...!!!

Hey Everyone,

This is my favorite time of year. I love the fall. I guess I have plenty of reasons to but here are just a few. My birthday is in the fall. Halloween is during the fall. I love decorating for Halloween, it's so much fun. The leaves start to fall and change color. It smells like winter outside. If your wondering what that means, I couldn't possibly explain. Smelling Winter is something you just have to experience and trust me on. The weather gets colder and I can see my breath outside. I love this about the fall. I love watching the world changing around me. It makes me feel like a part of something that is much bigger. I love that feeling. I guess as you can tell there are plenty of reasons to love the fall.

Since the world is changing all around me. I believe it's time to get back into writing. I need to start writing TLC again. I've been such a slacker. I just haven been busy with looking for a new job and reading. I do a lot of reading. Anyway,  I'…

Love Comes to Those Who Wait...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I always thought that I had to pushed myself out into the world and dating. But a wise man once told me, You need to stop thinking every guy your with is the one. You need to stop trying to find love, let it find you. I never knew anyone could give advice like that. Instead of people saying, try not to think about it or try to move on. The heart does not work like that. And sometimes I wish people would stop saying things like the examples above. My heart needs time to heal from a broken heart. And it will take time. I know that. Sometimes waiting for it to heal and knowing when your ready to date again is hard. But my wise man told me that I would know when I'm ready. So I think I will heed his advice. He's a bright young man and I'm glad that I can confide in him. So for today that's all I want to talk about. I don't really have anything else to say about the matter.