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I took a Shower for No Reason...!!!

Hey Readers,

Happy Halloween Bloggers....!!!!

So yeah, I was sitting in my sisters room, minding my own business, playing some Skyrim on her Xbox 360 when my cellular device started vibrating. I looked down and it showed an unfamiliar number, so of course I picked it up. It turned out that it was my English professor. He told me that basically no one was showing up to class tonight, so he decided to cancel it. He thought a whole bunch of college students might try going trick or treating tonight. He was however, nice enough to let me know in advance before I drove all the way out there for nothing. Because it's funny but last Wednesday, English class was canceled as well and it was crazy. I wasted some serious gas to get to class and it turns out, I didn't even have to be there. It was very frustrating. 
The other day, I believe it was Monday or maybe it was Sunday, I went over to my boyfriends house. We were supposedly getting hit by some Hurricane Monday which turned out to b…

Assassin's Creed Three...!!!

Hey Readers,

So somehow I managed to get a B on my quiz today. I basically didn't read the two chapters from the book but rather I just skimmed the pages for answers. This new book we are reading really sucks. 
Anyway, I bought the newest game in the Assassins Creeds franchise. Its the third game, which I
pre-ordered from the local Gamestop. I also traded in a few old DS games that never get used. So I basically payed nothing for it. It was pretty sweet actually. I now know how to buy my future games in the coming years. I could not wait to buy this game and I can't wait to play it. As soon as I get through the first one, which could be a while. It's got this really bad repetitive trait that I can' really stand.

I forgot to mention that I got the Special Gamestop Edition of Assassin's Creed III for PlayStation Three. This includes four single players missions and some bonus content. Like I said, I really can't wait to play it. I'm so excited to play it. 

Class Register for Semester...!!!

Hey Readers, 
So I've finally registered for my next semester of college. It's crazy really. I never thought I'd be able to make it this far. Honestly, I still feel really well over whelmed from college. There's so much extra work and with my regular life and job to add to it. It's almost too much. I'm trying to improve though. I'm just not really sure how I will be able to complete my finals when I have no idea what to expect, literally. 
The best part is that I signed up for my current math professors next class for the new semester. I like the way he teaches and I feel like I'll do well in his class. That way at least something is familiar to me when I can't take some of the same teachers. Nor would I want one of them again. She's terrible. She sucks at teaching and doesn't actually teach. 

Must Own Video Games of 2012...!!!

Hey Readers,

Okay, I am a video gamer. I love to buy them and play them. I find them to be really good stress relievers when I'm really upset or angry. So to get down to it. There are a few games, I believe everyone should want to play and buy this year. A lot of awesome new games have come out and it just makes it all worth the wait. My console of choice is the PS3 (Playstation 3)
Here is a list that I have come up with for the games everyone should be buying this year. 
1. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (my advice is to buy the first and second game) 2. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (this game is so easy to get addicted to) 3. Assassin's Creed 3 (play all the games in this series, they are repetitive but fun) 4. Tomb Raider (i'm a huge Tomb Raider fan) 5. Dishonored (this game has a really interesting commercial and looks pretty awesome) 6. The Last of Us (this game could be a lot of fun)
This is all I could think of. I'm sure there are more video games out there tha…

A Ruff Patch in the Pumpkin Patch...!!!

Hey Readers,

So last night I had a class at the local community college. I was already late due to a nice conversation I had with my best friend over Skype. I really thought I'd get there on time. When I got there, I was rushing to get to the class but I got merely five steps over the bridge when I saw two people I usually talk to on the way out of class. They told me that our class was canceled. I wasted my gas to get there. It pissed me off.

Not to mention that my boyfriend and I had a ruff day yesterday but everything is better now. We just had to talk about it. I was so scared I thought I was gonna lose him. Then last night he told me he was filling out papers for the air force and the navy. I started to freak out because I thought he was signing up for them. I just, we've been together for seven months and I'm not ready for him to up and leave me here while he's travelling the world.

Spooktaular Halloween...!!!

Hey readers,

Happy Almost Halloween! 
I have come to the conclusion that there are a few movies on 13 Nights of Halloween that must be watched. Okay, so I have four so far, sue me. Haha. I'm sure some people would put much more scarier movies on this list but I for one don't like scary movies all that much. 
1. Hocus Pocus (my personal favorite) 2. Corpse Bride (my favorite Tim Burton Movie) 3. Coraline (I glee with happiness when I watch this movie) 4. Monster House (i love this movies's style)
5. Megamind (i never thought this could be a halloween movie)
6. Haunted Mansion (this is a great laugh)

I feel like its time to do another little art project. Unfortunately  I hardly have any time for it. I am very busy with life and school and work that anything I really enjoy is kind of out of the question. It rather sucks really. So maybe in the next couple of days, I will try and have a little fun doing a sketch or something for my art work. I would love to actually post what …

Must Watch Shows of 2012...!!!

Hey Readers,

Attention Readers: These are shows only airing right now with new their seasons.

So I haven't done any random posts in a while. Actually if you take the time to go back through my posts, you'll notice that I haven't done anything like this in a long time. So I figure, it's time to get people interested in my quirky randomness. Please don't expect a blog post every day like I use to do so long ago. I don't have enough time in the day to make that happen. But I'll try to do a new one at least every week, if that fails, then every month should be good. I feel like no one reads my blog anymore and when I actually want feedback. No one gives it. It's so confusing because it seems like no one really has an opinion. 
Anyway, here is what I like to call the short list of shows I believe people every where should be watching. As with any show, you should always start from the very first episode of the very first season. That way your not confused as…


Hey Guys, 
So today, my little sis and I took our dog out for a walk. On the way back into the house, our cat, Skittles decided he wanted to come inside but the neighbors car spooked him. So the dumb cat ran to back of the house, to our sliding glass door. My sis ran to let him in, when Nimue saw him she decided she wanted to chase him. She bolted outside. She started to chase our cat but gave up to run around our community instead. She just happened to come across our neighbors little orange Pomeranian who just happened to look like our cat who is also orange. The women started to freak out and then started to scream for her husband who started swearing like a sailor and acting like a crazy person. It was scary honestly, when I got my dog in my car. He saw me trying to take her in and was like is that your dog. I was like I don't live here anymore. She got out chasing our cat. And he's like shouting at me. He looked like he wanted to hit me. There was no way I was going to wa…

This is Important...!!!

Dear Readers/Bloggers,

Have any of you heard about Amanda Todd? I swear she's plastered all over the internet if you haven't yet. Well what those people did, the people who should of been there instead of telling her to die and drink bleach, what those people did was wrong. I mean, what is wrong with our society today. Our teenagers today, who think they are better than everyone else and that words don't hurt people when in reality they do. That words can be turned into poison and really be used against them. I mean come on people, would you want to be treated like that. Like you don't matter in the world. No one should ever have to go through that kind of suffering. No one should have to go through it alone. I hope all of you would stand up for that person, would come to their aid instead of joining the rest in making fun of them just because it is easily to be like everyone else. It may be hard to understand, it may be hard to come to terms with what that person has …

Six Months Ago...!!!

Hey Friends,

On March 23, 2012, Josh and I had our first date. That was nearly six months ago and I couldn't say without a doubt that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I've fallen completely smitten with him. He's there when I need him and protective of me and loves me for who I truly am. I am thankful that I met him through work. I am glad that our views are very similar and when we fight, we always come out stronger in our relationship. We never let our fights get out of hand. We always try to talk it out and never let it destroy us. That is whats so great about us. We never let the bad things hurt us. We always come out better in the end and stronger. I guess the love bug must of bit us because we couldn't be happier with each other. I love him so much. I've even come to a very huge decision in my life.

If Josh and I ever get married. I've decided that I will have children with him. I love him that much. The only catch is that if I don't…

What Should I Blog About Next?

Hello My Peoples all Over the World,

I truly hope that this blog draws you in. I know I haven't been posting everyday. Hell, I haven't been posting very much at all. And let me just say that in my defense, that I have been killer busy lately. I mean I was working two part-time jobs. But sadly I had to quit my one part-time job at Rita's Italian Ice because my mother kicked me out, though if you asked her directly about it, she'd blame me for it. It's what she does. She gets mad and throws all sorts of horrible words at you and expects you to accept them and stay exactly where you are. I'm stubborn which I believe is a trait I probably learned from my mother.

It's funny because since I was little, everyone and their brother couldn't stop commenting on how much I looked like my mother. God, did I hate it when they told me that. Hearing that all your life can really make you pretty upset, for me, I usually got pretty angry with people. I wish people would …