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My Summer Reads...!!!


I'm starting my Summer Reading list in May , which yes, I know its not summer yet but its always good to get a head start.The reason I am doing this is because I have a trip in July that is a going to keep me busy and it probably won't leave a lot of time for reading. Among other activities, I'll keep myself busy hopefully. 
So my Summer Read list is...drum roll please.
The Forbidden Game Series By: L.J. Smith.

The Mroganville Vampires Volume Three By: Rachel Caine

Dark Visions Series By: L.J. Smith

The Unidentified By: Rae Mariz

So yeah, those are the books I really want to read for the summer. I probably will end up adding at least two books to this list. But it's something I can't wait to get started on. Life is too short to not live with the possibilities of discovering a new favorite book. So I can't wait to find my new favorites. Favorite authors, favorite books...a whole new world.

Through the Generations...!!!


Okay so does anyone remember when they were a kid and they walked into the candy store for the first time. Well that's the experience I feel every time I walk into Game stop. Its like a kid walking into a candy store.

So yeah, I found out reluctantly that Nintendo had made a Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS with Pikachu on the front of it and I knew that I had to have this one of a kind console. So I decided that no matter what I was going to buy this new console. I am happy to say that I won it on eBay for about the same price it was presented in gamestop stores. I bought some great games for it. I love my 3DS. I don't use it all the time but its great to have when I need a change of pace or really feel like getting down and playing some great game like Paper Mario.

I've also been spending a lot of time in my Sims 3 game. I just can't get enough of it. I've been playing this game since it first came out as just The Sims. So I've been a simmer for a very long …