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Welcome Fall...and School...

Ello Puppet,

Well today was so exciting. We did all sorts of fun things. Mandy and Aaron went to the eye doctors and I sat in the waiting room. I kept myself busy by reading the so called current magazines. Even though I doubt they are actually current I don't know.

Yesterday we watched Inkheart and the day before that Mandy and I watched One Night with the King. We have this huge movie list that we must complete before I leave on the 12th.

Aaron and I washed the truck and the blue car today. It was fun chasing each other with the hose. I totally got him first with the hose. Then we had a war of revenge. It was so much fun.

Well thats all for today...

Taking care of the horses....
and the chickens...

love britt

Metrocon is all over and done

Hello Everyone,

So Yesterday was the last day for Metrocon. It was a lot of fun seeing all the people in their cosplay. The voice acting panel was amazing. It had the VAs of InuYasha. This includes Richard Ian Cox, Kirby Morrow, and Scott. They were hilarious. I would go just to see them talk and hear people ask questions.

Next year I plan to cosplay as either Celesto or Faith from Mirror's Edge. Its one of my favorite video games. Theres also a blonde character from Drake's Fortune which would work well for me. Haha. The character should be a blonde seeing that I am one.

For other news. My weekend was great. Something of mine was stolen but I wish not to say what. Also along with this I bought kitty ears.

Well thats all for now
Love Britt

Metrocon Here We come...!!!

Hello Folks,

Today Amanda and I are traveling up to Tampa, Florida (near Clearwater Fl) for Metro-con. Metro-con is the largest anime convention in Florida and we get to attend it. It is going to be a blast. We finally got everything for our costumes and are ready to rumble. I'm going as Flora from the Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. Amanda is going as another character that I do not know much about.

In other news, I rode Champ twice now. He's such a good horse. Mandy's mom told me it was weird because Champ wasn't testing me like all the other people who have jumped onto his back. I think riding is amazing. Plus who knows maybe before the time to leave I will have gotten to full speed on him. That would be amazing. I have never ridden this much but I plan to take advantage of it.

Other things that are going on in my life. We went to Youth Group on Wednesday. It wasn't bad. I mean the sermon kind of sucked because no one could share their opinion and don'…

Its Time to Present a New Me...! Tada....

Bonjour mes amies 

Yesterday I got my hair cut. The hair dresser is crazy. They were buying meat, chicken, and fish while I was waiting patiently for her to call me to the hair dresser seat if doom. Haha. 

I love my new hair. It was time for a new me. A new year. A new school year and my last High School year.!

Amanda and I are having so much fun together. We went shopping at eh Gulf Coast Town Center and then saw The Last Airbender. I don't care what the critiques say but it was a good movie even if the fire nation could of been so much better than what it really is. Oh...we have to go shopping to find our costumes for the anime convention in Tampa. Hehe. It will be so much fun.

Well I have nothing more to say. 

*Hey...Hey...Are we there yet?*
*Are we there yet?*

Love Britt

Three more Days unitl I'm off in Florida....Somewhere

Bonjour Les Amies
I almost wish I knew how to say Good Morning in French.
Anyway Shane slept over again last night. We were all supposed to go to my dad's house but that never happened. Now we are going today to my Dad's house(whenever that is) and maybe I'll get lucky and my cousin Bella will also show up at my dad's house. I haven't seen my cousin Bella in a long time. So it would be nice to see her. 
I need to start hanging out with all of my friends more. We never see enough of each other. haha. 
Let's see I have three more days until I'm in sunny Florida. Jealous yet? I love Florida. It is so nice and warm and sometimes the sun isn't that bad so you can go outside and enjoy the day before it gets too hot. Haha. I love Florida. I am making this trip to Fl to see my friend and her family. I have known this family for almost 11 years. It's like a have another family on top of the one I already have. We are all very close. My friend's parents think…

Four More Days Until I am Gone...!!!

Hey Everyone
 Yesterday my cousin Shane came over for a sleepover with my sister Shannon. They are like the terrible twins when together. They both have blond hair, blue eyes, and the same voice pitch. It actually kind of scary.
I have four days until I fly to Alva, Florida. I am so excited to see my friends there. We have all sorts of things planned. I just can't wait. While I'm gone I have a special friend in PA who is very close to my heart thinking about some special things that are going to either kill my heart or save my heart and turn my legs to Jell-O. It's important I meet with my friend as soon as I get home to have important information crossed between us.
Well....I am working on three books at once. I am looking for a good character sheet to get to know my characters more. I can't help but only know so much about them.
I think that is all for today.
Love Britt <3

Five more days until I'm Up Up and Away!!!


That's right this girl only has five more days until she goes to Alva, Fl. I am so excited. My bff and I have a whole bunch of stuff planned out. So it will be interesting.
This morning I finished typing up my revision of Chapter One for Forbidden Ties. I hope all my inkpop friends enjoy the new chapter that has a much better story line then it did before. 
I enjoy blogging but I have so much to do this summer. Read Angela's Ashes and write three memiors.  Finish Pre-Cal Packet(start to finish) Get my Driver's Licence  Get a Job Get all the items I need for my Co-op program in school.
Well thats all for today tootles Love Britt <3