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What to Expect - Three Month Old Baby, Violet...!!!

Hey Y'all.

I fall asleep every night wondering what it means to be a good parent. I wake up during the night to tend to my daughters needs. I feed her, change her diaper, and I change her into new clothes when the ones she are wearing are starting to look disgusting and gross. A few days ago, my daughter turned three months old. She is progressing well. She is reaching her milestones that have been set online for the babies. I think she may be ahead of the game though. It says online that she may start to recognize my boyfriend and I, It also says that she will start to try and talk to us more which she has been doing for weeks now. Its the cutest thing to watch her try and communicate with us with her little coos and gurgling back at us as we talk to her. She is beginning to discover her hands and discover the different things that exist in her ever growing world. 

I get frustrated sometimes at night when I get awoken by my daughters cues that say she needs me to full fill one of…

My Favorite Disney Movies...!!!

Hey Y'all,
I am a huge Disney fan. I love all things Disney. Disney movies happen to be some of my most cherished memories from my childhood. 
- Favorite Disney Movies -
1. Tinkerbell 2. The Lion King 3. Inside Out 4. Big Hero Six 5. Brave 6. Tangled 7. Up 8. The Little Mermaid 9. Hocus Pocus 10. Kiki's Delivery Service 11. Spirited Away 12. Sleeping Beauty
So those are some of my most favorite Disney movies. I love Disney movies. I am really looking forward to sharing all my favorite Disney movies with my daughter, Violet. I'll probably start her out young. I have a lot of things planned for my daughter. I hope I get to do them all with her. I can't wait for all the firsts we will be sharing as a family. 

Books I want to Read In 2016...!!!

Hey Y'all,
So I set my reading goal for goodreads again this year, My goal is to try and read twenty-five books. I'm hoping I can accomplish that but I never seem to meet my goal. I think its because I don't set anytime aside to read. Hopefully this year I get closer to completing my goal.
Book List for 2016
1. The Calling by Kelly Armstrong 2. Sweetly by Jackson Pearce 3. The Strange Powers by L. J. Smith 4. What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel  5. Fathomless by Jackson Pearce  6. Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce  7. Eldest by Christopher Paolini 8. Hereafter by Tara Hudson 9. Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl 10. Delirium by Lauren Oliver 11. Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini 12. Fated by Alyson Noel 13. Cinder by Marissa Meyer 14. Eve by Anna Carey 15. Fallen by Lauren Kate 16. The Diviners by Libba Bray 17. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendra Blake 18. The Possessed by L. J. Smith 19. The Passion by L. J. Smith 20. Dearly Departed b…

Writing on Wednesday's - Stubborn...!!!

Hey Y'all,
So this is something I wrote a long time ago. Like my last post for Writing on Wednesday's, I have absolutely no idea who this is supposed to be about. I just can't remember. But I wanted to share it with all of you. 
- Stubborn -
You came to me that day I remember it as if it were yesterday You said my best trait Was my Stubbornness
I smiled at your foolishness But I kept your words Close to my growing heart Loving you with each new day
Time came to pass The world changed around us Madness started to engulf me I let it control me
Now I've lost you In all your amazing glory I don't know what to do My Stubbornness won't let go
If I closed my eyes And whispered your name Would you know it's me Could you hear me calling you
I've fallen in love With a man Who loves me  For my Stubbornness
Please forgive me When my Stubbornness Drives you away Because I don't want to loose you

I'm not sur…