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H is for Horrible

Good Morning,

                     In Florida the sun is shinning and the sky's are coated with clouds. On the bright side the water is a really pretty blue color. But it's still a horrible day. I woke up feeling like I didn't want to be awake yet but my body wouldn't let me sleep any longer. I guess I must have gotten my full eight hours of sleep this morning. My body doesn't like it when I sleep in. I always feel kind of sick after sleeping in. It must be because I get to much sleep.

                   This weekend was so amazing. First the greatness started on Thursday, you know Thanksgiving. I got kinds of yummy treats and we still have leftovers.  Oh, I just love leftovers. I personally think turkey taste better the day after Thanksgiving. You know, cold turkey. On Friday, my friends family drove up to Crystal River. On the way there, they dropped me off in Clearwater so that I could hang out with some friends. Its been four years since I've seen them. We …

G is for Ginny Weasley

Welcome to Harry Potter Weekend...                    Well as many of you already know. The seventh Harry Potter movie has come out in theaters. I already know I want to go see it in the movie theater. Haha. Sadly, I'm just going to wait to get int on Netflix. Oh yeah, I can just get it sent straight to the house. I still think that would be an awesome movie to see at the theater. My favorite characters are Hermonine Granger and Harry Potter...I love Emma Watson. She is such an amazing actress.
                  Inkpop User's or any user of a writing website....This is an Importance Notice for Writers....Do Not Publish Your Entire Book Online. If you publish more than three to five chapters you can risk the chance of never becoming published. This is a huge deal, especially for all of you who want to publish their work. If you want to be published then you must keep your book away from the internet. I hope this information helps.
               I really suck at keeping my blog u…

F is for the Fantastic Mr. Fox

Character Insight: Willow Crosswick
Hey Everyone,
                     I decided I wanted to try a character questionnaire with my character, Willow Crosswick, from my book, The Light Chronicles. Chapter Six is in the process of being written and I want to get into the mood of my character better, so to speak. Who am I kidding. I haven't touched Chapter Six yet.
                     If you have ever tried to write a book, then you understand what I am going through. You also know that I am not going crazy. Many authors do this to help them get to know their character better.So this is my version of a 'Get to know your character' sheet. I hope you enjoy Will's strange attitude, I can't wait to see what I, I mean she comes up with. Haha. 
                     Please remember that this was just for fun.

Interview with Willow: What I think it might go like...
Willow, Do you have a favorite book? Why is it your favorite? Um...are you serious? Like I ever have time to read. Ho…

E is for Energy

Hey Everyone,

Character vs. Myself             Have you ever noticed that when you are writing, you become the character? I've had this happen to me many times while writing. It almost makes writing way to easy. Then when you get stuck with your book. You kind of lose it. It makes you so mad because you don't know where to take your story.What should your characters do next?
            When I have this problem, I just take a break. Usually the break can be anything between say a day or a few weeks. It really depends on the writer and how determined they are to get that chapter or chapters completed. Since I hate to rush my imagination or my creativity, I let it rest for a few days to get back into the swing of things. This is when all the magic really happens. At this stage the magic should be your words on paper or your fingers flying across the keyboard.
             Once you get across any problem, writing becomes easier. But this won't always help. I am pretty sure this …

D is for Destroyer


       I think my Nano project is going to have to come to a halt. It's making me super stressed and stress is something I don't exactly need right now. I just need some time to think about the story and what it is going to be about. I also want to finish The Light Chronicles. So I can feel like I've accomplished something amazing. It is one thing to write stories while it is a entirely new feeling if you finish that story. I've always dreamed of finishing a book.

      Today, I was rushed over to Joyce's house. The elderly woman my best friends mom takes care of on the weekdays. The old woman's foot was sore and I mean sore, so sore she couldn't stand on it or put any of her weight on it. I helped my bff's mom carry her weight by supporting her one arm and helping her do things around the house. Like talking to Virginia or Joyce or doing small things like making them something to eat. I enjoy pleasing people. It makes me feel good and the person …

C stands for Confidence

Bonjour Mes Amies,

Confident vs. Yourself
             Have you ever noticed that a lot of people seem to let their low self a steam get in the way of their dreams? Just think about it, many people get discouraged when someone doesn't like something they created. Have you ever had that happen to you? I have. I like to please people, I hate conflict, and I always strive to do my best. Sometimes my best just isn't good enough. For example, I am a writer and a artist, not professional mind you. Since I am involved in both these hobbies, I always like to know what other people think of my work. The only reason I want to know what they think is because I want their constructive criticism. I want to know if my art is good or bad, if they see it the same way I do. The same goes for my writing. The best advice always comes from other people, because they can most likely pick out small mistakes that you yourself could not pick out as the creator. But don't let that small said back s…

Friday is a glorious day...


            Wow, I'm really keeping up with my blog lately. Then again a lot is going on in my life.

             Let's see today is my best friends dad's birthday. I made him a fish card last night for his birthday and I can't wait to give it to him today. My friends parents are going up to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend for his b-day. They will be coming back to Florida on Monday, most likely much later that night. We will have the whole house to ourselves.

           Mandy and I have a whole bunch of things going on this weekend. Today, I was supposed to be going over to Joyce's house to take care of her but some things have changed. So today I will not being going over to help out with Joyce.. Normally my friends mom, Sue is her caretaker but she is going away. So now it is my job. Tonight my bff and I are making dirty rice for dinner, yummy. I love dirty rice. On Saturday, we have to make a dessert dish for the Fall Festival. We decided to make Ginger…

Let's Go Fishing...for Bass and Snook...Another Day...Another Time...

Hello Everyone,

                       I am looking up picture's of Bass and Snook for my best friends dad's birthday card. You wouldn't believe how easy a Snook is to draw. I just finished the card five minutes ago and I am seriously impressed with my skills as an artist. I asked my friends brother about the drawing I created for his dad's birthday card, and he told me that is was a snook. So I made it recognizable. Hehe. Can't wait to give it to him. I should add some color to it as well. Then my art skills will be awesome.

Love Britt

Happy Birthday Glenn

Nano...Nano...Nano...My Nano Project is already going down the drain!


       So a few days ago I decided I would try my hand at completing a book within 30 days. That is the whole month of November that I have to write The Destroyer. Man, have I gotten myself in over my head. 

       I wanted my work to stand out, you know. Well anyway, I started the first chapter of The Destroyer and I am kind of proud of it. I mean I feel like I need to change a few things and add a little bit to the very beginning. I still need to figure out how her powers come to be. So much time and so little time. I doubt I will actually finished this project because I am freezing up inside.

      I should be doing my project right now instead of blogging about it. I decided I wanted to blog as much as I can this November. Yay, the weekend is almost here. I will be a slave to my book.

Oh and by the way, I love the show Sanctuary. It is awesome. I watched three episodes of the new season yesterday and they rocked like usual. On Friday, a new episode comes out on SyFy. 

Well t…

Nano Project - The Destroyer


          Today I decided I was going to join in on the Nano Project for this month. It seemed like a pretty cool challenge. I'm kind of stuck on my other projects anyway, so why not. I just came up with an idea for a new book called The Destroyer. I am really excited about it.

          I think my pitch could use some TLC but it gets the basic idea down.

Here's my Pitch for The Destroyer....

21 years in the Future the world we know will come to an end.

On September 8th, 1991, a baby was born in Salem, Massachusetts. Little did her parents know that their only child would one day be the end of it all. The girl's parents decided to name their newborn daughter, Nykole which means people of victory. A child of victory she would one day become. On her 21st birthday, a new power will be awoken. The Old World will end that very same day. The Age of the Destroyer is very near.

That's all the New news for today.

Love Britt

Welcome November

Hi Y'all,

            So, today is November 1st, 2010. You all know what that means. Almost four months in Florida with my friends family. Wow, that's pretty awesome. Anyway, welcome November. I will miss you October, so many sweet memories. Good thing there is always time to make plenty more.

            The weather here is amazing. It's right in the middle of being hot, but not too hot. I can't wait to see what the rest of the fall and winter season is like down South. Even thought I lived in Clearwater (which is about 2 hours North of here). I am slowly adjusting to the strange weather mood swings. What also is great about down here is the sun shines all the time. That means I can get a tan. Hehe. I really need to work on my tan. It needs some TLC.

Well that's all for right now.

Bring on the weather!
Love Britt