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It's Thanksgiving...!!!

Hey Readers,

I'm so ready to stuff myself today. I'm supposed to go visit my Dad and Grandma at their house for Thanksgiving. There's gonna be so much food. I'm so excited. I love eating and today is the best day for it. My parents are happy I'm home. For awhile I was staying with my aunt and uncle at their house because my mother and I had gotten into this really nasty fight. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm happy to be home too. I've missed being around my boyfriend and being close enough that it doesn't matter what time we hang out. I missed TV night with the parents and talking to my sister on a regular basis. Since I came home from Florida, two years ago, my sister and I have been like best friends. I'm so happy. 
There's a lot to be thankful for today. I'm thankful for all the people who have helped me when I've had money issues. I'm thankful for my family, which is small but still very loving and always there when I need the…

New Tricks...!!!

Hey Readers,

So last night I came home from work around my usual time. I believe it was eleven when I came home that night. My sister was watching  a TV show on her Xbox 360 and all of a sudden the show just froze. She tried to use her wireless controller to go to the menu screen but that didn't help any. So she asked me to do it but I didn't want to do it. So my little sister told me about how one time she got our cat Skittles to turn the Xbox 360 off. I was very intrigued at this point and decided to ask her how she had accomplished this. So I found the pointer laser she had used.  I started to get the cat interested but our dog became even more excited about the little red laser on the floor. She slowly pressed her nose against the button and it turned it off. I managed to get her to do this a total of four times. She turned it off and on that many times. I was so ecstatic  My sister was like, I never have to get off of my bed again. She said that she would never have to do…

Mirror Mirror On the Wall...!!!

Hey Readers,
So today my sister, boyfriend, and I watched a movie called Mirror Mirror. I thought that the previews for this movie were amazing. It cast this remaking of Snow White into a new light but trust me when I say this, the movie was boring. The only interesting character in the whole movie was Julia Roberts who took the role as the wicked step mother and queen. The sad thing is that the story has a very intriguing and unusual opening and I actually adored the creativity and way they drew the viewers in. But sadly that was the only good part of the whole damn movie. 
But what I found that was most horrific of all was the fact that the actor who played Snow White, really sucked at acting. She had a little more personality than Kristin Stewart(I do not care if her name is spelled correctly or not) but she wasn't much better. The huntsman, who turned out to be a prince, was also not that great of an actor either and I thought he should of been a little more on the sexy handso…

The Let Down of Being an Adult...!!!

Hey Readers,

So yeah, I finally discovered the let down of being an adult. The let down of being an adult includes growing up completely, moving out (which is exciting), paying all your expenses on your own, and well there are a lot of things really. 
If I were to break it down, which I'm going to whether or not you really wanted me to go into it. These are the things I find most displeasing. When you grow up, the only perks are drinking alcoholic beverages, registering to vote when your eighteen, and being able to buy tobacco products at the age of eighteen  These are small and perks that are similar in a sense to the video game Skyrim, as in you have perks for every skill and get to increase one whenever you choose(as soon as you level up). The downsides of being an adult are well being able to drink could be bad for some because many people don't understand that everyone has a limit to how much they can consume. Then there are the people who like tobacco products and use th…


Hey Readers,
So my sister, my cousin, and my best friend are really addicted to tumblr. My sister I believe likes that people follow her site. My cousin focus's mainly on how many people she can get to follow her, it's like an obsession. I'm not entirely sure what my best friend finds so interesting about it.  But I don't really get whats so great about it. I mean yeah, you can find interesting stuff there. What's so great about that? You can find interesting stuff everywhere. But I feel like I already have plenty of time to waste with all the things I have to do in my life right now. I just don't get how anyone could spend a lot of hours on this site. A reasonable thing to spend more than four hours on would be video games like Skyrim for me personally. I enjoy doing the quests and exploring the world. 
I just don't get TUMBLR at all. 

Worst Movie Ever...!!!

Hey Readers,
So last night, my little sister and I watched a redbox movie that has been laying around the room for days now, waiting to be watched. It was the worst movie I have ever seen. The move was called Snow White and the Huntsman. It was probably the worst movie ever made. It was slow, nothing really interesting happened in the whole entire time we watched it. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep for about an hour, when I awoke, the movie was still playing with barely any progress. Kristin Stewart did a terrible job of acting. I don't even care enough to make sure her name is spelled right, I apologize to any of my readers who like her or at least her acting. I don't really envy her all that much because she sucks at acting, literally. The man who played the Huntsman was a little better but not exactly the best either. I'm pretty sure though that he played Thor, which I actually enjoyed very much. But this movie was outdrawn, too long, and nothing great happened. I was…

College Has Me Broke...!!!

Hey Readers,
So now that I'm sort of living out of the house at my Aunts house which is thirty minutes away from college and work. I spend about forty dollars a week on gas for my Saturn Ion. I also have to visit my boyfriend when I'm in the area. On top of that, I have college almost everyday. So basically whether I have work or not, I'm driving out to HACC for my education. It sucks. I am so stressed out. I also have my car payment every month and car insurance and by the time I pay that and college together, its basically like rent. My total cost for those things is about seven hundred dollars. Its just crazy. I just, I'm in a huge rut. I can't get more hours because of my class schedule. I didn't plan very well.
I'm working on getting financial aid. 
I need to start budgeting my money. If anyone has some advice on how to start doing that, it would be great. I always get confused because you have to have a basic knowledge of all your spending and my way …