Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mirror Mirror On the Wall...!!!

Hey Readers,

So today my sister, boyfriend, and I watched a movie called Mirror Mirror. I thought that the previews for this movie were amazing. It cast this remaking of Snow White into a new light but trust me when I say this, the movie was boring. The only interesting character in the whole movie was Julia Roberts who took the role as the wicked step mother and queen. The sad thing is that the story has a very intriguing and unusual opening and I actually adored the creativity and way they drew the viewers in. But sadly that was the only good part of the whole damn movie. 

But what I found that was most horrific of all was the fact that the actor who played Snow White, really sucked at acting. She had a little more personality than Kristin Stewart(I do not care if her name is spelled correctly or not) but she wasn't much better. The huntsman, who turned out to be a prince, was also not that great of an actor either and I thought he should of been a little more on the sexy handsome prince side. He just didn't do it for me. 

So I have yet to see a good movie remake of Snow White. All the ones so far have sucked or were so predictable  I want a movie with dept and something that will keep me entertained the whole way through the movie.