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Expensive Things I'd Love to Own...!!!

Hey Y'all.

Lately I have been feeling the need to take the time to really think about what I want from life. As most of you know by now, I became a mother in January. My journey of motherhood has been a wonderful one so far. Ever since I have become a mother, I have felt this need to upgrade my life. I have felt this need to upgrade my style of clothing. I thought I was going for the whole bohemian style look that I really do love. But I realized something from one to many of my shopping trips. I've found that as much as I love the the bohemian style. I tend to lean towards clothes that are classy and elegant that I can pair with my bohemian style. I've decided that though that I wish to continue with this style choice which is called bohemian chic or bohemian classy. I want to look into buying some name brand items to add to my closet that will last me a lot longer than their more affordable counterparts.

I also need to start working out so I can look start to feel good a…

Light and Fluffy...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So lately I've been getting dizzy and light headed while driving. It kind of sucks. I'm not sure what is causing it either. After I get home sometime the dizziness and light headed feeling doesn't go away. I feel like I am stuck in my home because of it. I don't like. Not one bit.  I'm kind of scared that I am showing signs of getting vertigo like my dad. I really hope not.

Also my mom is here visiting from South Carolina. She is driving me insane. I mean I love her because she is my mom. But boy she really knows just how to annoy me.

Feel Out of Sorts...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So I thought you'd all like to know that I am so very stressed out about my today. What is today you all may ask? Well today is my little sisters graduation. The reasons behind why I am so dreadfully stressed about such a joyous day is well easy. I am to leave at 4 to head to the graduation. But also at 4 I am also to pick up my sisters best friend from work to take to the graduation. On top of all that, I am not feeling that good. I feel really out of it and I'm not sure I should even go to the graduation. And then my boyfriend is taking care of the little one tonight so there is always that.

So as you can see I am probably stressing over nothing. But this is me being stressed out of my mind. I overthink things. I worry about things. I stress out about things sometimes to the point that I get really bad anxiety over it. That is who I am.