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Old Spice and Everything Nice...!!!

Hey Everyone,

So Christmas is upon us. If you think about it, it kind of jumped us this year.  Only a few months ago was it still summer. Especially since on Thanksgiving Day, my workplace was already busting out the Christmas music. So the world doesn't seem like it wants to let us forget that Christmas is coming. Even if it only snowed like once in October. I mean we've had our flurries but nothing serious enough to give us that clean untouched white snow. I love untouched, undisturbed snow. It's the best. Haha.

I think the least prepared for Christmas this year is my parents. They started their Christmas shopping today but apparently didn't acquire any of the gifts they wanted to buy. I believe they have like elven or thirteen days to complete their shopping before it's too late and even Christmas has passed us by.

I on the other hand have already started my Christmas shopping. If it weren't for Tom, I probably wouldn't be as far along as I am. Now I onl…

A New Chapter In My Life...!!!

Hey Everyone,

So I started a new Job. Well technically I've been there for a few weeks but I haven't been posting anything on my blog. It feels like it's been an eternity. And I guess I should start from the beginning.

So I was at my new job, maybe a couple days after I'd originally started working there. I was bagging for a cashier who I didn't know that well. Our customers started comparing us. They were saying we looked alike and that we could be related. We just looked at each other. I told our customers that I don't have an older brother, just a little sister and we didn't even look alike. The next day, he asked me what our customers were talking about. I smiled and told him that they thought we were related. Then other cashiers agreed and thought we could be brother and sister. Haha. I thought it was great.

After that day, I didn't want to bag for any one else. He made working ten times better than I ever could have imagined. And we'd talk and…