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Metrocon 2013...!!!

Hey Readers,

Well I had a lot of fun at Metrocon 2013 this year. I got to see some incredible voice actors who have done voice overs for some of my favorite shows like Fairy Tail, Avatar The Last Aribender, and The Legend of Kora. I also saw the guy who voiced Static Shock, which I remember watching as a kid. And lets not even forget that Scott McNeil was there. I swear that guy must really love his fans because he's been there like every year that I can remember. He's really cool and he's a lot of fun to listen to even though I've only ever seen bits and pieces of some of the shows he's been in. I also got to see some great panels this year. The Human Chess match was so cool. One cosplay that I was very surprised to see this year was Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. I didn't think anyone would cosplay that but some did an awesome job at it. 

As you may already know, I cosplayed Lucy from Fairy Tail. I was really surprised when people came up to me and wan…

Back with my Boyfriend...!!!

Hey Readers,

Please keep in mind that this happened more towards the beginning of July rather than the end. I just have been really busy and haven't been able to post anything.

So Josh and I got back together. We were apart for three weeks. Yup. That was it. It was just three small weeks but it seemed so much longer than that. It was really tough not being together all the time like we were before.
So we decided to hang out one day and then that turned into smores with his family later that night and it was just perfect. Thats the night I decided that I couldn't live without him. Mind you I should of posted this when it happened. But I didn't. I guess I just needed some time apart to realize that he means the world to me and that I'll never love anyone like I love him.