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Lil' Red Riding Hood...!!!

Hey Readers,

So I found this new song that I really like. It's funny because I heard it from a new car commercial and I just knew that I needed to add it to my playlist. Anyway, the song is called Lil' Red Riding Hood. This song has the chills if you know what I mean. It plays as the woman sings the songs lyrics followed by the eerie strums of the guitar that give it such a creepy feel. The woman's voice is soft and almost creepy and she sounds like she's talking to someone, perhaps the big bad wolf. Telling him or Red about the wolf and what runs through the Big Bad Wolfs mind when he see's Red. 
My car doesn't want to start which is disappointing because I had class today and tomorrow I have work. I'm worried I'm going to have to request off so I can somehow get my car to the shop if I can't find a way to do it today. This isn't something I'm too thrilled to be doing. I mean, it's crazy. My car was fine like two days ago and I go out M…

The Most Confusing Movie Ever...!!!

Hey Readers,

So a few days ago my boyfriend and I decided to rent Looper from Redbox after I got off of work that night. So we got all cozy on the couch and started to watch the movie while waiting for our DiGiorno stuffed crust pizzas to be done. The movie started out pretty much the same as every movie I've ever seen. A scene that shows something meaningless to the viewer, which in reality is supposed to give an concept of an idea. The narrator, who is the main character in the movie tells us that time travel will be created thirty years from now and that it will be dubbed illegal by the world or government or whatever. That's where he comes in, he's a Looper, a man who kills people sent back to him from the future. He kills them and gets paid in silver. The only catch is that if they send back you, then you have thirty years exactly before they come for you. But the movie was so strange and they had flashbacks or flash forwards of this guys life and how it would end up …

What I Got for Christmas...!!!

Hey Readers,

So I'm gonna break down my Christmas for you guys so far. I actually got some pretty exciting stuff and I can't wait to share it with you. 
So what did I get for Christmas? Okay, I'll start off with what my wonderful boyfriend Josh got me. I probably should mention that he couldn't be here with my family on Christmas Eve because it snowed and even though he has the glorious jeep machine, his back tires are terrible. So he couldn't come. Which left me so angry and mad at the things that I can't control. Like the weather and work. But he got me a new navy blue jacket and blue fuzzy gloves to match and he also got me the pendant from Vampire Diaries. I wanted it because it was pretty and unique. I love jewelry that I find to be special and unique, anything but ordinary. I would have to say that out of all the gifts I received for Christmas those were the best.

My dad gave me a hundred bucks for Christmas. My grandma and Aunt each gave me twenty five b…