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My Goals for 2017...!!!

Hey Y'all,

As is a custom for many people, it is time to set up my goals for the new year of 2017. Of course, I will set some goals for myself like everyone does this time of year. The only problem I ever have with setting these New Year Resolution goals for myself, I am never able to complete them. I either forget about them or just procrastinate with them. I guess that is a pretty normal for any person. This year my New Year Resolution is a New Year, a New Me. There are so many things I want to change this year or things I want to do. As many of you know, I now how a daughter who is about to be a year old next week.
-Be healthy- I have been saying this one for a while now. Especially ever since I had Violet. It's time for me to try and be healthy again. When I was pregnant with Violet, I craved Mountain Dew all the time. Since then, I have tried twice to get it out of my life and have not succeeded. So this year I want to start drinking more water. I want to drink less soda.…

Writing on Wednesdays's - Beautiful...!!!

Hey Y'all,
Does he even see me So many different things That make you special
She'll never see the way you look at her Even though secretly she does She's got a mild attraction she can't help
Will he ever see me  Do you know...Do you know He'll actually understand To caught up in himself
Do you you know

I'm not sure who this is about. I think it was back when I was trying to write lyrics for songs. Yeah, as you can see it wasn't my thing. It may not have been for that. I mean I'm not much of a poet either.