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Not Enough Lemon's...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I'm sorry for how crazy my posting has been lately. Rita's has really been taking it out of me. I guess you could say I'm not use to working this much. Haha.

Anyway, I haven't really posted about The Light Chronicles for awhile now. One of the reasons I haven't brought it up is because I haven't been writing as much as I would of liked to in the past couple of weeks. Especially with my new job at Rita's which takes up a lot of my time. I'm still figuring out my new schedule. I just can't seem to fit everything I want to do into one day. So I'm stuck picking and choosing what I want and don't want to do everyday. I actually make myself a TO-DO LIST while I'm at work waiting for customers. I wonder how many people in the world take time to organize their lives.

Did you know it's really hard starting a workout plan when you work a lot? I'm stuck trying to decide what I want to do and when. It's actually a lot harde…

Rita's Oh how I hate you...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I've decided after some time at work that I hate my new job at Rita's And that dear readers is the truth. I mean it seemed like a good job opportunity but now I'm not so sure. I just don't like it that much. I thought it would be a fun job but it's kind of boring. I'm trying my best to find a new job right now. Which is a good thing seeing as how I will be out of the job soon. I think Rita's closes in October which is fine. I just wish I didn't feel as stressed about finding a new job.

Sour Gummy Worms and Rita's Ice...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday, I started my first day at Rita's. Since I'm new at the job, I'm trying my best to get better but I still forget things I have to say to the customers. I have to Upsell things and sometimes I feel kind of weird doing it. I think it really has to do with never having to do it at my old job. So I'll just have to get use to it.

Overall, I think I did better near the end of my shift. The other workers helped me by explaining/showing me things that I need to know on the job. It's kind of confusing because so much is happening while you are working there and I'm still learning.  I feel like sometimes I probably look like a deer in the headlights. Also, I was told that I'm going to be the only person working during the day. That is a lot to handle, especially for Rita's and all the things you have to do.

I'm a little stressed though right now since I've seemed to misplace my Social Security Card and my Birth Certificate. Also, …

Paranoid Much...!!!

Hey Everyone,

So what has been ticking me off lately. Let me see. Well if I tell you all it might seem like I'm a winy little brat with no life. So let's run through this gigantic list of things that couldn't possibly get worst off than they all ready are. Could August get any worse?

 1) It's August. Which means a lot of my friends are heading off to College. It also means that my little sister is not so little anymore because this is her last year of Middle School. Next year she will be starting High School which is a huge deal. I already told my parents that I'm taking her to orientation.

August is a great time of the year. The world starts to change. The leaves start to change. It's what I like most about the fall season. My birthday is also in the Fall and I get to celebrate my twentieth birthday. Which is very exciting for me. Okay, getting older is a great thing but a scary thing as well. It is kind of terrifying to me but at the same time I can live wit…

I Scored a Job...!!!

Hey Everyone,

So guess what? I got the job at Rita's down the street from my house. I start this Monday. I'm so excited. Haha. I can't believe I actually got a job this quick. I mean I was expecting it to take me so much longer than this. Of course every job has a dress code, so I gotta do a few things to make my life there easier.

New Job, New Experiences...!!!

Hey Everyone,

So I got a call yesterday for a job at Rita's. Well I guess it was more of an interview to speak with the one manager. She was very nice and she showed me around the store. I think for my first actual interview I did a great job. I love the store. I'd be happy with any job right now though since they are hard to fine. But I think working at Rita's will give me a experience that I can't get anywhere else. I'd enjoy working there. I'd get to work with new people that are my age (or close to my age) and interact with people on a daily basis which is nice. So I'm very excited because it would be very awesome to work there and I love working someone that's not really in the norm for jobs.

Alice: Madness Returns...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Spoiler alert. If you have never played this game then you may not want to read this post. I  have read up on the game and I wanted to be able to describe it the best way I could. 

Well today I decided I wanted to check out this game I was thinking of buying so I could play it. I'm really curious about this new darker portrayal of Alice in Wonderland. Alice enters an Asylum after suffering from hallucinations after the death of her family in a fire that drives Alice insane and corrupts Wonderland in the process through Alice's mind. But that's just the first game that started this dark series.

Now the creators are back with Alice: Madness Returns. In this game, Alice has been released from the Asylum and sent to live in a children orphanage where she gets consent treatments from a therapist there. He uses hypnotists as a way to help Alice forget her memories of her families tragic ending. In the process her hallucinations start up again and she gets pulled b…

New Ideas, Old Fairy Tales...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I was walking my dog when I came up with a new twist on a old fairy tale. I was thinking of doing a new Alice in Wonderland Story. A story about Alice, an elderly woman in a mental hospital telling these stories of her when she was a little girl in wonderland. I figure the story could be made into a much more darker and horrific tale that still has that beautiful magical flare that the enchanting old story possessed. I really think this would be an interesting twist on Alice in Wonderland since every one seems to want to keep her young and innocent. Why not let her grow up? Have children of her own or end up alone? Why not let her be a insane old woman who never knows whats going on? A story narrated by Alice about Alice. I think that would be an awesome story to take on.

Now, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Alice and Wonderland twist. I've never done anything like this before and I'm defiantly going to do some research from the old books to …

Parking on the Side...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday, after an awesome Salmon dinner with my mom and step dad. We decided to go brush up my skills on Parallel Parking practice since I will be taking my Driving test on the last day of this month and it's been two years since I last did it. I'm proud to say that I didn't do as bad as I thought I would. My parents got out of the car and sat on the bench and let me do it by myself a few times which I think was awesome after they both did almost to say the least horrible jobs themselves. I was overly confident my first time and hit the curb but I still got myself in the spot. Other than that minor mistake, I would of passed my Parallel Parking test depending on the instructor I would of got. I went around for another try but I didn't park as well as I would of liked so I tried again with my step dad in the car. The first time I did it with him in the car, I was nervous and I didn't back in correctly so I pulled around to do it again. The second tim…

Updates on Willow's Story...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I have not made any progress since I started working on Chapter Seven. I feel like I should be working on it more but I always seem to have something that gets in my way. So this weekend I'm going to try to to some more work on it to get my seventh chapter rolling. What I really want to do is possibly rewrite the whole chapter but I'm not sure yet if I'm truly up to the task. I'll keep you all posted and let you know when I've finally made some progress with Willow's Story which is what I am going to call it until I come up with my new name for TLC.

Speaking of my Series List in the last post. I decided that when I completed it that I wanted to share it with all of my readers. I mean who knows, maybe it will encourage all of you to start one as well  to help you keep better track of the books your reading or maybe one of the books will catch you eye.

Adventure's to a Amazing Magical World...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I was coming home after eating lunch at a Mexican Restaurant with my mom when my friend had texted me, asking me if I was doing anything yesterday. Of course I said I wasn't. I mean let's face it. I've been home a total of two almost three weeks now and I still haven't found a job or done anything truly productive. I renewed my permit yesterday and I signed up to take my driver's test in August. And I guess you could say those are super productive things but not much else has happened since I filled out applications for jobs.

Anyway, my mom dropped me off at my friends house and we went to borders. She picked up at least half a dozen books. My eyes kept lingering over a whole bunch of books and she was like, if you want one, just grab it and you can pay me back later. I was so happy I almost couldn't make up my mind over which book I really wanted to buy. So I got Kiss of Life By Daniel Waters. This book is the second book of the series called Ge…

Progress in the Making...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Last night, I spent some time reading through Chapter Seven of The Light Chronicles. While I was skimming the page, I made some minor word and sentence changes that I thought were needed to make my Chapter hopefully better. I know I am not finished with this Chapter because it does not end in a very good place for the chapter to be complete. This may sound strange to some of you but trust me, I know when my chapter is finished.

The good news is that I had apparently written myself out of the corner without realizing it. So that makes me pretty happy that my chapter is closer to being done than I had realized but it still has a ways to go. I am defiantly not ready to move on to Chapter Eight just yet. I've still got a few tricks up my sleeves for the current chapter.

I emailed my favorite author, Weezie Kerr Mackey today. She wrote a beautiful email back to me that encouraged my new idea for the next book in The Light Chronicles series. I've been thinking about i…

Practice Makes Perfect...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I just downloaded Chapter Seven of The Light Chronicles from my email. I can't wait to dig in and add all the changes I plan to add . Well I don't really now what needs changed until I read through it and decide what I think can be dropped and what can be kept. I might even decide to rewrite the whole chapter.Who knows whats in store for me. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I just wanted  you all to know that this is my next step in the writing process. Hopefully soon I will be able to move on to Chapter Eight.

Now I'm on my way to the pool with my book and notebook in hand. Who ever said a girl can't multitask?

Terrifying Experience's...!!!

Hey Everyone,
I was driving my little sister and her friend to Hershey Park in my dad's Lincoln LS. He was sitting in the passenger seat and we had just dropped them off at the main entrance. I got on the high way because I decided that I didn't want to wait in the construction on Linglestown Road. My dad was telling me to speed up and get over into the other lane.When I started to merge into the next lane on 81, I heard this frantic honking behind me. There was a car in my blind spot that I hadn't seen before I had started to begin the process of merging. I quickly moved back into my lane. As you can imagine, I was a little shaken up from the whole thing. After, my dad told me that his car has this huge blind spot behind his one door that makes it extremely difficult to see and that he should of told me about it before I had actually started to merge. Now I feel like a total idiot. It really scared me. This mistake makes me wonder if I'm really ready to take my driving…

Check out my New About Me Page...!!!

Hey Everyone,

It's finally finished. I just updated my About Me page this very second. Personally I feel like it really fits who I am. I hope you all enjoy it and I encourage you all to go check it out. I'm so proud of it. I honestly didn't think it'd turn out as good as it did.

I was just lying on the couch and it sort of hit me. All of a sudden I got this insane itch to fix my About Me page. So I let my inspiration run wild as my fingers typed away gleefully over the keyboard.

Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts.