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Trying to find a Passion for Fashion while Raising Violet and without Breaking the Bank...!!!

Hey Y'all, 
So I thought that now that I'm a new mom I should try and change some things about my wardrobe. Now I love my lazy days where I don't have to do much of anything. I can throw on a old t-shirt and some yoga pants and go about the house doing whatever needs done. Well I have found that as much as I would like to dress more adult and professional. I just don't have the time or energy needed to put into finder better clothes or amazing accessories that cost a little more to own. Also between my debt that I am trying to pay off, the bills I got to pay, and saving. I don't have any money left to buy myself nice things. I mean every time I think about treating myself, I just don't. I can't find it in me to spend money on the things I want but don't need. So sure I wish I could buy myself a purse that is designer. I wish I had the money to buy myself more clothes and nice shoes. I know that having those items wont change who I am. 
So as much as I w…

What to Expect - Eight Month Old Violet...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So Violet is now crawling like a little champ. She has also been standing up on her own for longer and longer periods of time now. I bet soon she will be walking. She is such a little treasure. I love her so much. Although sometimes it feels like I want to tear out my hair because she can drive me crazy. I still love her. A few days before Violet was turning eight months old, we had to take her to Urgent Care. We were really worried about her. She had a fever and didn't want to drink from her bottle for long periods at a time. We took her to Urgent Care and it turns out that she had gotten the Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. It normally effect young children. It causes blisters in the mouth and also on the hands and the feet. Its also very contagious. Unfortunately both my boyfriend and I have gotten it. 

Don't Let Me Down...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So I'm so very behind in blogging. I've been so busy with my life that I let it distract me from taking the time to write any posts for my blog.  I mean between working a full time job, raising my daughter, Violet, doing household chores, spending time with my family and my boyfriend, and making time for myself, I have hardly any time to sit down and blog. I love to blog. I really do, don't get  me wrong. But lately, ever since my daughter learned how to crawl, I haven't been able to get on the computer for a long enough period of time to write posts. Currently as it stands, I am so behind. I wanted to have this whole blog taken care of so I wouldn't need to really write any posts until next year. Heck I was thinking of trying to do posts in advance for as long as I could keep it up. But I'm not sure how long that could be. Well I better go. I don't want this post to be too particularly long or anything. I don't need to rant. I just wante…

My 25th Birthday Celebration...!!!

Hey Y'all,
So my birthday has come and gone. I'm another year older. I am halfway to fifty. Fifty can you believe that. I mean I'm already dreading turning thirty. I had all these goals that I wanted to accomplish before I turned thirty that I probably never will accomplish. Anyway, I guess my birthday was okay. I had off. I didn't have to call off or anything from work to enjoy it. I on't really feel like I'm twenty five now. I look the same and the feel the same. I wonder when I will start to feel my age. I also didn't do much for my birthday. My boyfriends mom took Violet for me for the day so I could enjoy a baby free day. That was nice of her. I basically spent the whole day at home with my boyfriend. We were planning on going out to see a movie and dinner. But that never happened. There's nothing wrong with doing completely nothing on your birthday. I kind of wish I would of planned something more exciting. But I didn't. Oh well there's al…

Writing on Wednesday's - Creatures ...!!!

Hey Y'all,
I know, I know I'm behind on my posts. I've been super busy raising my daughter. Since she started crawling, she's gotten to the point where she feels she needs me constantly. It's kind of annoying. I mean I love her so much. But the little one gets so upset if I walk away from her for a few moments to take care of something around the house. 

What if creatures were all around us all your wildest dreams were real they existed among us they walked among us everyday
The world of fire and ice Just sat on your shoulders Telling black from white Whispering sweet harmony 
Fire for all the hues of grey Ice fro all the lights  Good comes in two kindles One of Ice, One of Fire

- ++++++++++