Friday, September 30, 2016

Trying to find a Passion for Fashion while Raising Violet and without Breaking the Bank...!!!

Hey Y'all, 

So I thought that now that I'm a new mom I should try and change some things about my wardrobe. Now I love my lazy days where I don't have to do much of anything. I can throw on a old t-shirt and some yoga pants and go about the house doing whatever needs done. Well I have found that as much as I would like to dress more adult and professional. I just don't have the time or energy needed to put into finder better clothes or amazing accessories that cost a little more to own. Also between my debt that I am trying to pay off, the bills I got to pay, and saving. I don't have any money left to buy myself nice things. I mean every time I think about treating myself, I just don't. I can't find it in me to spend money on the things I want but don't need. So sure I wish I could buy myself a purse that is designer. I wish I had the money to buy myself more clothes and nice shoes. I know that having those items wont change who I am. 

So as much as I would like to own something that cost a lot. I remember that the reason I don't is because I have to support my family. I have a daughter that relies on me to provide her with what she needs as she grows and becomes stronger. I have accepted that maybe I never give myself a break. I also realize that there is no such things as a break. Life is always moving and you't can't stop. If you try, you'll only get left behind while everyone else is moving forward.