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It's Been This Long...!!!

So two weeks ago on March 23, 2014 my boyfriend and I had our two year anniversary. It was spectacular. He took me out for dinner (steak, yum) and then we rented a movie from home. After the movie we stayed up real late talking about how amazing and happy we were to have each other in our lives. And it's true, we are so happy together and so connected to one each other. It's possibly one of the best things I have in my life. I feel special, which I guess is an understatement. 
He is always there for me and he loves me without question. I'm a very lucky girl. When he's around me, I feel like I'm the only girl he has eyes for. He doesn't sit there with me and talk and have his eyes travelling the room for girls that might catch his eye. He always pays attention to me and what I have to say. I couldn't be a luckier girl. I have one of the best guys in the world and so many other people I know in life have have said how perfect we are together. Others have…