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Life's Got Me Down...!!!

Hey Y'all,

My life is one huge disappointment after the other. I know, I know I finally come back to blogging and the first thing I do is whine. Well I'm sorry. Sometimes life just takes all my optimism right out of me. But after some long consideration. I don't want to bring everyone else down by whining about my crazy complicated life right now. By the way, while I was typing this and chatting with a good friend of mine over Facebook messenger, I almost choked on a sour gummy worm. But that is besides the point. Right now I am breathing in the sweet scent of vanilla while sitting in complete darkness and typing to my little hearts content. I haven't had much time to do anything with two jobs taking up all my free time. So I'm trying but its harder than it seems. I hope to try to get back into my blog. Not sure how soon I can make that happen, but I'll try.