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Welcoming little Baby Violet into Our Lives...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I 'm writing a very special post about the birth of my daughter, Violet Anne Ludington. She was born on January 19th, 2016 at 11:04 pm. I went into labor around 4:30 am that morning and my water broke around 12:30ish, about an hour after I arrived at the hospital.. I ended up having a ton of back labor that made labor really difficult for me. I ended up getting an epidural an hour or so later. Let me just say that an epidural makes labor painless. It was awesome. A few hours passed by and I started to feel some discomfort in my one side. I think my baby girl was pressing down on a nerve on her way through the birth canal. Anyhow, another hour so or so passed by and the pain was really intense. When they came in to check to see how dilated I was, I was at 10 centimeters.  I was in so much pain. The nurse came back in the room and told me to push. It was so painful and I kept going between telling saying I couldn't push to telling my boyfriend how much I loved him…

Writing on Wednesday's - Tales of Alice...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So I haven't decided if I want to bring back Writing on Wednesday's. As of right now, I don't have a whole lot I can post up here. But I will do my best to keep everyone updated with some of my shorter story ideas and creative thoughts. I guess you could call them short stories but I don't know. 
Tales of Alice
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Alice, said Grandma. This little girl went on an amazing adventures in a place called Wonderland. 
Grandma wasn't with us anymore. Well she was but she wasn't. She had to be moved into an old persons home, five years ago. I was young when it happened. I don't remember it very well but Daddy told me that she's gone insane. Grandma Alice's stories were the only special things that we shared. 
Daddy told me a lot of things about Grandma Alice. He said that the crazy hatter must have come for her because she was starting to loose her mind. He said she was laughing hysterically, talking …

Space Cowboys and Goals of 2016...!!!

Hey Y'all,

This is a recap of last years goals. I just wanted to remember the goals I set for myself last year. Sadly I am going to say that many of these did not happen. I tried and failed to make them happen and now that my life is changing, due to the fact that in about two weeks I will be a mommy for the very first time. I feel like this years goals need to reflect upon that. So say goodbye to the old goals. The ones listed below are those goals.

- Travel More - Lately I have had some huge life changes happen to me and I decided its time to make explore the world that I live in. I want to go places and see new things. I would really like to go to Salem, MA. This summer I would like to go camping somewhere I have never been before. I also really want to go to Florida to see sea turtles laying their egg. I then want to go back when the eggs are going to hatch and watch them make their way to the ocean. 
- Read More - I want to spend more time reading this year. Last year I only met …

My Ultrasound Photos...!!!

Hey Y'all, 
So these are the photos I have from my ultrasound. The last one is my favorite because it says we are having a little girl. I'm so excited to share these on my blog. Now you can see what I was saying when everything kind of looks like a blob. I'm glad she labeled them for us, so we knew what we were looking at afterwards, 

Expecting in the New Year...!!!

Hey Y'all,

My boyfriend and I have been so busy preparing for the new year. We have a lot going on right now. One of those things happens to be growing inside my tummy as we speak. We found out a few months ago, maybe around October that we were pregnant. I honestly had no idea that I was pregnant. I just thought that all the things going on in my life were messing up my cycle. I never thought I was pregnant. I'm sure a lot of you are probably wondering how I couldn't know I was pregnant. The answer is pretty simple, it can happen. I wasn't really showing for most of the pregnancy, not until maybe late October to early November is when I really started to look pregnant. My boyfriend took me in December for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was really cool. It was kind of freaky to though. The nice lady performing our ultrasound was showing us all the different parts of the baby growing inside of me. In all honestly, the baby looked like a giant mass of blobs that were very…