Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Writing on Wednesday's - Tales of Alice...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So I haven't decided if I want to bring back Writing on Wednesday's. As of right now, I don't have a whole lot I can post up here. But I will do my best to keep everyone updated with some of my shorter story ideas and creative thoughts. I guess you could call them short stories but I don't know. 

Tales of Alice

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Alice, said Grandma. This little girl went on an amazing adventures in a place called Wonderland. 

Grandma wasn't with us anymore. Well she was but she wasn't. She had to be moved into an old persons home, five years ago. I was young when it happened. I don't remember it very well but Daddy told me that she's gone insane. Grandma Alice's stories were the only special things that we shared. 

Daddy told me a lot of things about Grandma Alice. He said that the crazy hatter must have come for her because she was starting to loose her mind. He said she was laughing hysterically, talking of some made up place. He said that she would speak of this place called Wonderland. He said she thought she herself was the little girl in the story, the story of Wonderland. 

"Daddy, Grandma Alice use to speak of Wonderland all the time in the stories she used to tell." 

So this is a short story idea I had. I wanted it to be something more but at the moment it hasn't progressed much further than this. I really like the idea of the possible story that could be told. I'm also not sure if I ever shared this here before. If I have then I apologize for sharing it again.