Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Ruff Patch in the Pumpkin Patch...!!!

Hey Readers,

So last night I had a class at the local community college. I was already late due to a nice conversation I had with my best friend over Skype. I really thought I'd get there on time. When I got there, I was rushing to get to the class but I got merely five steps over the bridge when I saw two people I usually talk to on the way out of class. They told me that our class was canceled. I wasted my gas to get there. It pissed me off.

Not to mention that my boyfriend and I had a ruff day yesterday but everything is better now. We just had to talk about it. I was so scared I thought I was gonna lose him. Then last night he told me he was filling out papers for the air force and the navy. I started to freak out because I thought he was signing up for them. I just, we've been together for seven months and I'm not ready for him to up and leave me here while he's travelling the world. 
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