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Lesson's in Life...!!!

Hey Y'all,

If you haven't already noticed, I have been away from my blog for quite some time now. It was not intentional to stop blogging. I just had a lot on my plate. I lost interest in the blog and nothing seemed to brighten my day, well almost nothing.

I guess I should tell you all about what happened. In November, the guy I was dating broke up with me. He gave me this speech that it wasn't me and something was wrong with him. I cried and it really hurt and now we don't talk to each other anymore. I guess I got over him because I decided that he wasn't worth waiting for and there were a lot of things about him that annoyed me to no end. And of course the fact that he lied to me during our entire relationship of two years and eight months. That was the icing on the cake right there. So yeah my ex really sucked and I honestly don't give a shit about him anymore. He broke it off and I moved on. It was actually not as difficult as I expected.

Since the break up…