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What to Expect - Four Month Old Baby, Violet...!!!

Hey Y'all,

My little Princess turned four months old a few days ago. I am so proud of this little wonder. It has been such a blessing watching her develop into a person each new day. Violet is becoming so strong. She is able to hold herself up completely now while I walk around the house with her tucked against my hip. Violet is also able to hold her head up, look around, while she is having tummy time. Anytime the little one is laying flat on her back, she will try to pull herself up, doing little baby ab workouts. She wants so much to be like her mommy and daddy and sit up like we do. Violet loves sitting up and doing up ups as we call them. She likes to go from a sitting position to a standing position. She follows us as we walk around the room. She wants to mimic us like a mime. 

Violet has the most beautiful smile. She smiles at us all the time. She always lets us know how much she loves us when she brightens are days with her smile. Violet has a way of doing things that mak…

Packing for the Hospital - Zero days to Baby...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I've been thinking long and hard how I can make my blog more beneficial to others who come across it and take the time to read its contents. I decided that I could help other mothers, especially new mothers who were just like me. I think I might make this a part of my blog from now on. I want to share with other mothers the ups and downs of all the pre-baby jitters. I know as a new mom coming in with only the experience of others to guild me helped me prepare for the arrival of my daughter, Violet. 
I'm sure with all the lists online as to what to pack for the hospital can make any new mother stressed out and feel so unprepared. I am here to tell you that it is okay. The lists online made me feel so unprepared that I was so upset with myself that I literally cried. I am here to help new mothers not go down the same route as me. I was lucky enough to have a close network of friends who had already been down the same path as me before, all well into their new role…

Some Awesome Reptiles...!!!

Hey Y'all,
I was watching a TV program about reptiles. I love animals. I also love reptiles. I think they are pretty cool. The few I learned about I never heard of before. But these ones are so cool that I thought they deserved a place on my blog.  

1. Waterfall Toad - This toad is super small. The coolest feature about this toad is that it is so small and light that it can hang out in the upper part of the rain forest. When a predator comes along, like a snake, the toad will jump and free fall to other foliage below. The toad has to be strong enough to catch herself on something below.

2. Pebble Toad -  This toad lives high above the rain forest. This toad is also super small like the Waterfall toad. The coolest feature about this toad is that it can roll itself into a rubber like ball and free fall from the wherever it is hanging to get away from predators like toad eating tarantulas. It will make its muscles rigid and this allows it to roll away without any harm coming to itsel…

Writing on Wednesday's - Locked Away...!!!

Hey Y'all,
I seem to be finding all of the things I wrote such a long time ago. It's funny how you read something you wrote awhile ago and can remember writing it. 
- Locked Away -
We were thrown between the worlds. Two star crossed lovers born in two different time lines. Brought together by fate. A love  to conquer all of time and space. The kind of love that leaves stories in its wake. The kind of love fairy tales are made. The best love there is, pure in all its forms. The only kind of love that grows stronger as the world grew darker. 
Claudia looked out of the window, the prison bars stared back. The world had grown the past sixteen years. The highest peak in the highest tower her mother had said. She looked at the smoke that cling to the clouds. 
"This prison was better than the outside world." Claudia thought.
Life outside the tower walls were forbidden. Her mother, the Queen, had said it was for her own good. She was special and she needed protected. 
But wh…