Friday, May 20, 2016

Packing for the Hospital - Zero days to Baby...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I've been thinking long and hard how I can make my blog more beneficial to others who come across it and take the time to read its contents. I decided that I could help other mothers, especially new mothers who were just like me. I think I might make this a part of my blog from now on. I want to share with other mothers the ups and downs of all the pre-baby jitters. I know as a new mom coming in with only the experience of others to guild me helped me prepare for the arrival of my daughter, Violet. 

I'm sure with all the lists online as to what to pack for the hospital can make any new mother stressed out and feel so unprepared. I am here to tell you that it is okay. The lists online made me feel so unprepared that I was so upset with myself that I literally cried. I am here to help new mothers not go down the same route as me. I was lucky enough to have a close network of friends who had already been down the same path as me before, all well into their new roles as mother. I asked these few what I really needed to pack for the hospital. They happily gave me their advice on the things I absolutely would need. I am thankful to them. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't of felt better about not having everything on the lists from online. 

So here is a small list of things to pack for the hospital that I think all mothers should have. 

1. A Robe - this will allow easy access to the boobies for the baby and ultimate comfort to mom while in the hospital. 

2. Slippers - your feet may be swollen and not fit in anything else. I literally walked around the hospital in my kitty slippers. It was awesome. The nurses all loved them. 

3. Two to Three going Home Outfits for Baby - one in Newborn sizes and one in zero to three months, just in case baby doesn't fit into the Newborn size clothes. 

4.  Cell Phone and Charger - you always want to be able to get a hold of people once the baby comes and you go into labor. 

5. Baby's Memento Book - the nurses will most likely happily put your babies foot prints and hand prints in your baby book. This is an exciting time for any new parent. 

6. Camera and Charger - to take the first photos of the baby, along with photos of you and your significant others first photos with the baby as well. 

7. Deodorant and Hair Brush - you may want these items on hand just to spruce up a bit before photos of you and baby are taken. 

8. Hair Ties and Hair Pins - this will help keep your hair out of the way during labor

9. Going Home Outfit for Mom - I packed sweatpants and a over-sized t-shirt. I found these to be the most comfortable.  

10. Newborn Car Seat - of course most parents should already have a car seat installed in their cars before the big day arrives. But this is something you will need before the baby comes homes with you. 

11. Snacks for Daddy - the hospital will not be providing daddy with anything to eat. Make sure to pack something for him to snack on while he spends most of his time in the hospital with you.

12. Extra Clothes for Daddy - My boyfriend and I learned the hard way that we should of also packed extra clothes for him. I felt bad because he was in the same pair of clothes for three days.

13. Toothbrush and Toothpaste - We really regret not packing these everyday items.

14. A Clear Birthing Plan - I knew what I wanted before I went into labor. I knew I wanted the baby to be cleaned off before she was handed to me. I also knew that I wanted an epidural for the pain. I didn't plan on feeling any of the pain.

That was the list that I was given from my other friends who had already been in labor and had to prepare a bag for the hospital. I was so thankful to them for making my bag list  very simple and easy. I hope this list helps other expectant mothers as they prepare for the big day. I know it really helped me. My friends said to not worry too much about not packing things for the baby, like diapers and wipes, because the hospital has everything you and your newborn will need. They also said not to worry about packing underwear because the underwear you get at the hospital will be all you want to wear.