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My Heart is Not my Own...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I was hoping posting about the break-up between my ex-boyfriend and me would help make me feel somewhat better. Help me heal my wounds. But honestly, I don't ever want to love again. I don't know how anyone can deal with this pain. It's gotten to the point where I just can't bear it anymore. I've been through this so many many times and it just get's harder with each new relationship. How do you girls go through it? How do you pass each day with a smile on your face when your heart is broken? Sometimes I wonder how I can even pass the time and pretend that everything is all right. When really, deep down, nothing is ever the same.

I've come to the conclusion that this guy had my whole heart. I'd given him my heart and now I refuse to take it back. I don't want it back. Not if it causes me pain and frustration. Besides, I've always been told I'm strong. I thought I could handle anything. But I can't. So I'm doing what so …

When I first Met You...!!!

I'm not a poet. I feel like these might be more like Lyrics but I don't know how else to put my feelings into words. Sometimes you just have to write down what you feel. And I'm feeling so many things that I don't have room to store them anymore.

When I first Met You...!
When I first met you You had me at Hello By the way my heart fluttered The moment you were there next to me
The first Hello was When I fell Into your Arms You pulled me Close And Kissed all my worries away
On that Day the World Was a different through my Sapphire Eyes Your Drew Me Close As we whispered away the tears
Those three hours were the worst When all hell broke lose I made a misake Now I fear your gone
When we first met I knew in my heart That there was no one else I'd rather give my heart too

Just a Kiss...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Have you ever heard Lady Antebellum's song Just a Kiss. If I could choose any song to tell the story of what I'm going through. I think Just a Kiss would be one of them. Honestly, I just love the song.

Now if there are real lyric's that subject to what I am going through then I'd say Taylor Swift has it covered. I love Taylor Swift. I think the song that really relates to me right now is, Last Kiss. The reason I think this song relates to me is because the boyfriend (soon-to-be-possible-ex-boyfriend) and I had our Last Kiss at the airport in Florida. I know it doesn't seem like much but I haven't seen him since then and now he wants to end everything we've ever shared. I hate it when men do things like that. They always seem to ruin things just when all seemed well. Except the cold hard fact is that I ruined it this time.

I never thought the person I loved would go away. Leave one day and never return. Our worlds are in two different locations…

The Color of My Heart...!!!

Hey Everyone,

These last few weeks have really been something. I'd rather not go into full detail of what is going on in my life because there's a lot. I'll just give you all a hint, I'm having boy trouble. It happens to the best of us I guess. I honestly don't think I should be having this boy trouble right now. But I am really ticked off at the boyfriend.

I have bad news. I just found out from my boyfriend that he wants to break up with me. Of course he thinks it is for the best. But I honestly believe that this is a horrible mistake. I am stubborn so I refuse to let him do this. He said he would call me. I know this sounds stupid and desperate but I'm going to try and convince him to stay with me. I know it will be hard and probably tough on us both but I am honestly not ready to lose him. Now I'm really ticked off at the boyfriend.

In happier news, I am on track with my Goodreads Goal. My goal is to read fifty books this year. I believe I am on number…

Six Days until Sept 8th...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Guess what guys. My birthday is going to be coming up soon. I will be twenty. I feel sort of old but I'm not like crazy super old. I'm so excited. Hehe. I can't wait. I already have this awesome list prepared for my family that I have to print out this week. So they will know exactly what to buy me. I mean I did go a little over board and ask for things that I shouldn't. But it never hurts asking, the worst they can say is no. So yeah. Hehe. I'm super excited.

And the boyfriend told me that he's going to be sending me a present. This is the first time I've been with a guy who's gotten me something for my birthday. Normally, I never get things from my significant other. But I'm happy he's tipping the tides in his favor. Because I like buying presents and gifts. I just love that warm feeling you get when you get something you know they're going to love. Hehe. I can't wait to buy him something for Christmas and his Birthday. I…