Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just a Kiss...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Have you ever heard Lady Antebellum's song Just a Kiss. If I could choose any song to tell the story of what I'm going through. I think Just a Kiss would be one of them. Honestly, I just love the song.

Now if there are real lyric's that subject to what I am going through then I'd say Taylor Swift has it covered. I love Taylor Swift. I think the song that really relates to me right now is, Last Kiss. The reason I think this song relates to me is because the boyfriend (soon-to-be-possible-ex-boyfriend) and I had our Last Kiss at the airport in Florida. I know it doesn't seem like much but I haven't seen him since then and now he wants to end everything we've ever shared. I hate it when men do things like that. They always seem to ruin things just when all seemed well. Except the cold hard fact is that I ruined it this time.

I never thought the person I loved would go away. Leave one day and never return. Our worlds are in two different locations. We are so close and yet so far away.  I would give away everything if he could only see this side of me. The side that still longs for him. But he never will see me. Not for who I am. I thought he did when we were together but he must of been oblivious to what he had. So now it's most likely said and done. And the world still turns and I keep walking on. Because it's the only way to get through this pain. The heart ache will fade one day and I will step out as a new person. One who is stronger than ever before.

Okay, so now that my ranting and venting about my relationship problems is over. Let's get down to reality. I found this cute Halloween Monster Cupcake recipe that I want to try. I'm really into baking and I love Halloween. So I think in a few weeks I might try making some more basic Halloween Cupcake Treats. Hehe. Especially since I need to finish my arts and crafts first. I will defiantly be taking photos of the finished products and posting them here for all to see.

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Gigi said...

Wow. You're blog design is wonderful. I think I'll follow you :)