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One Amazing Year of Awesomeness...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I plan to do so much with this year that I have been given to live and make life truly what I want to make it. As many of you know, I recently became a new mom. Motherhood is a special stepping stone in life that I would never want to not have the chance of living again. My little one is a beautiful little girl. She brightens my day with each smile she blesses upon me. Her smile is very cute. I am blessed I get to see it for the few hours I do get to spend with her a day. I am proud to say that I am a working mom. I go to work everyday in order to give my daughter the best in life that I can. I want to give my daughter the things that I didn't have growing up. I hoping that my daughter will love horses as much as I do so that we can take horseback riding lessons together. I think that would be a very cool mommy daughter bonding experience.

I really just want to express how happy I am in my relationship with my boyfriend, Andrew. I really do not believe that words co…

What to Expect - Five Month Old Baby Violet...!!!

Hey Y'all,

It's that time of month again. Violet turned five months old last Sunday. I am watching the most amazing person in my life grow up right before my eyes. My little girl is growing up so fast. I honestly can not believe that it was only five months ago she was born. Its amazing to me that I am a mother now. I always knew that someday I would probably have children but I never imagined it to be like this. I mean there are a lot of things I'm sure I really like about parenthood yet. I mean sometimes it feels like my boyfriend and I both don't get enough sleep. It feels sometimes that dealing with her crying at anytime in the middle of the night puts us both into a wonderful mood. I have noticed that lately I have not been able to get very good sleep in a good while now. Last night, I felt so out of it that I fell asleep. I guess I must of been over exhausted but this week has gone by the same as any other. I sometimes wish parenting could be easier for me. But a…

My New Job...!!!

Hey Y'all,
A few months ago, I had finally found myself a full time job working for Comcast. I was so worried about not liking the job because I'd heard there are so many things that could go wrong working in a call center. I can say now that without a doubt, that I love my job. Let me stop you right there before you say that there is no way in hell that I can love my job. I would tell you that you are wrong first of all. So hear me out. 
I love my job. I love my job because believe it or not I love helping customers any way I can over the phone. I like to try my best and solve their problems. Its very important to me when I'm on the phone with my customers that I do everything within my power for them. Yes, there are sometimes tougher situations to deal with over the phone. Sometimes I need to do further research on a customers account before I am fully able to help them. I also sometimes get the irate customer who is upset over some particular thing happening either with…

For the Love of Kitties...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I'm not sure if I ever told you this but I absolutely adore kitties. I just love kitties so much. I especially love my boyfriends kitties the most. It's kind of funny but ever since we brought the futon into his room, so we'd have more sleeping space since at the time my tummy took up most of the bed. We have had two very special kitties spending a lot of their time with us. His kitties are the sweetest. I love them so much. His female kitty, Bella, a cute tortoiseshell kitty, always comes to the rescue when I get overwhelmed and sad. His male kitty, Leo, seems to like to spend the days sleeping away the hours on our bed. It's a nice feeling knowing that the kitties love us as much as they do. 

At my house, we have a a fluffy black cat named Murphy. I call him Murphles though. He's a loving cat who does not know his own age. He's eight years old but he still acts like a kitten. He loves to run around the house and play with all his toys. He is as…

Writing on Wednesday's - The Sun and The Moon...!!!

Hey Y'all, 
Here is this months Writing on Wednesday's. I'd say that they are coming along pretty nicely. I'm really proud of my blog. Now that I have a plan down, one that I seem to be able to stick to. It seems to help me stay on track.  
- The Sun and The Moon -
The girl fell in love with the sun and the moon. But she could not choose which one she loved more. The sun brought happiness and all the good in the world. The moon however, brought the darkness and the stars that dreams were made of. 
The sun and the moon found out that the girl loved them. The sun shone brightest on the days the girl was out and about doing her everyday chores. The moon brought all the stars that would agree into view. 
The girl didn't seem to notice the small changes they had prepared for her. The moon wanted the girl so bad he was willing to do anything to have her. He got close to earth and smiled down on the girl. 
He said, " Come and live with me and the stars will belong to…