Friday, June 17, 2016

My New Job...!!!

Hey Y'all,

A few months ago, I had finally found myself a full time job working for Comcast. I was so worried about not liking the job because I'd heard there are so many things that could go wrong working in a call center. I can say now that without a doubt, that I love my job. Let me stop you right there before you say that there is no way in hell that I can love my job. I would tell you that you are wrong first of all. So hear me out. 

I love my job. I love my job because believe it or not I love helping customers any way I can over the phone. I like to try my best and solve their problems. Its very important to me when I'm on the phone with my customers that I do everything within my power for them. Yes, there are sometimes tougher situations to deal with over the phone. Sometimes I need to do further research on a customers account before I am fully able to help them. I also sometimes get the irate customer who is upset over some particular thing happening either with their services or charges on their bills that they weren't expecting to see. Honestly, its really not that bad being a Customer Service Rep agent. The good customers out way the irate customers. I also never take the customers anger personally. I know that they are mad at the situation and not mad at me.     

My new job is pretty awesome. Not only do I enjoy working for the company and helping the customers over the phone. But I get great benefits through the company as well. There are so many options for benefits at Comcast. I choose Heath, Dental, and Vision benefits because those main three are very important to my daughter Violet and I. So much so for my daughter who has mandatory doctor visits that she must go to as she gets older. Other than those three main benefits, there are so many more that I couldn't even name them all. 

So if you are looking for a job and your looking for something different, consider applying at Comcast. The company really cares about their employees and strives to make the customer experience better. Comcast is doing everything it can to improve the customer experience. It may not happen all at once but it will happen and I already know that so much has changed.  I have personally seen how my actions as a Customer Service Rep can really change the situation for the customer and turn the situation into a better. Also not to mention there are some awesome incentives for the employees like discounted services, amazing benefits, and earning commission are just to name a few.