Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Writing on Wednesday's - The Sun and The Moon...!!!

Hey Y'all, 

Here is this months Writing on Wednesday's. I'd say that they are coming along pretty nicely. I'm really proud of my blog. Now that I have a plan down, one that I seem to be able to stick to. It seems to help me stay on track.  

- The Sun and The Moon -

The girl fell in love with the sun and the moon. But she could not choose which one she loved more. The sun brought happiness and all the good in the world. The moon however, brought the darkness and the stars that dreams were made of. 

The sun and the moon found out that the girl loved them. The sun shone brightest on the days the girl was out and about doing her everyday chores. The moon brought all the stars that would agree into view. 

The girl didn't seem to notice the small changes they had prepared for her. The moon wanted the girl so bad he was willing to do anything to have her. He got close to earth and smiled down on the girl. 

He said, " Come and live with me and the stars will belong to you and shine as brightly as you do." 

The sun decided that he could not trust the moon, so he stole the girl, trapping her in the cruelest places of the world. 

"If he can have you than no one can." He boomed.

The girl smiled at the sun and pleaded with him, But the sun was stubborn and a fool. Nothing could separate  a love like the moon and the girl shared. The moon fought the sun. They fought day and night until the sun blew its last breath in the everlasting war of love. 

The moon rescued the girl and kept its promise. The stars were hers and hers alone. She decided to bring a new sun into the world and raise it as their sun. The moon and the girl lived happily ever after. 


I really like this. I think it reminds me of a story that would be told in mythology. A story of how the world was made or how the sun died and was born anew. I really enjoyed writing this.