Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When I first Met You...!!!

I'm not a poet. I feel like these might be more like Lyrics but I don't know how else to put my feelings into words. Sometimes you just have to write down what you feel. And I'm feeling so many things that I don't have room to store them anymore.

When I first Met You...!

When I first met you
You had me at Hello
By the way my heart fluttered
The moment you were there next to me

The first Hello was When I fell
Into your Arms
You pulled me Close
And Kissed all my worries away

On that Day the World
Was a different through my Sapphire Eyes
Your Drew Me Close
As we whispered away the tears

Those three hours were the worst
When all hell broke lose
I made a misake
Now I fear your gone

When we first met
I knew in my heart
That there was no one else
I'd rather give my heart too

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