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Writing on Wednesday's - Locked Away...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I seem to be finding all of the things I wrote such a long time ago. It's funny how you read something you wrote awhile ago and can remember writing it. 

- Locked Away -

We were thrown between the worlds. Two star crossed lovers born in two different time lines. Brought together by fate. A love  to conquer all of time and space. The kind of love that leaves stories in its wake. The kind of love fairy tales are made. The best love there is, pure in all its forms. The only kind of love that grows stronger as the world grew darker. 

Claudia looked out of the window, the prison bars stared back. The world had grown the past sixteen years. The highest peak in the highest tower her mother had said. She looked at the smoke that cling to the clouds. 

"This prison was better than the outside world." Claudia thought.

Life outside the tower walls were forbidden. Her mother, the Queen, had said it was for her own good. She was special and she needed protected. 

But what could be so special about a girl locked away from society. The night air blew through and threw wisps of dirty blond hair across her face. Claudia pulled the hair behind her ears. She was special, she thought, special enough that she'd be condemned to the tower forever. 

Claudia heard a click and the old wooden door opened. The servant, a young girl, not over the age of twelve carried a tray to the vanity.

"Your food, my lade.; the girl bowed and turned to leave. 

"Wait." The girl looked behind her, her blue eyes sparkled from the light from the fire place. 

"Please stay and talk with me." she smiled. "Its been so long since I've talked to anyone." 

"I'm sorry, my lady but I can't talk with you. It's forbidden." The girl lowered her gaze to the floor and continued to the door. 

"By who?" she snarled, knowing the answer even before the words left her mouth. 

"The Queen," the girl answered and locked the old wooden door behind her. 

Claudia smiled. 


I like where this little short story idea was going. I wrote it awhile ago. But it seems like a fun little idea to say the least. Maybe later if I have some free time, I can continue to explore it.



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