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Some Awesome Reptiles...!!!

Hey Y'all,

I was watching a TV program about reptiles. I love animals. I also love reptiles. I think they are pretty cool. The few I learned about I never heard of before. But these ones are so cool that I thought they deserved a place on my blog.  

1. Waterfall Toad - This toad is super small. The coolest feature about this toad is that it is so small and light that it can hang out in the upper part of the rain forest. When a predator comes along, like a snake, the toad will jump and free fall to other foliage below. The toad has to be strong enough to catch herself on something below.

2. Pebble Toad -  This toad lives high above the rain forest. This toad is also super small like the Waterfall toad. The coolest feature about this toad is that it can roll itself into a rubber like ball and free fall from the wherever it is hanging to get away from predators like toad eating tarantulas. It will make its muscles rigid and this allows it to roll away without any harm coming to itself. 

3. Basilisk Lizard - This lizard hangs out near water when basking. It's enemy heeds from the sky and its watch full of any dark shadows in the sky. If the Basilisk Lizard sees something it the sky, it will jump into the water and scurry across the top of the water. 

4. Brazilian Pygmy Gecko - This is probably one of my favorites from the show, This little gecko is so cool. It is so small and light that it can rest on top of the water. It's skin is also water repellent which enables it to rest on top of the water. The gecko is also fast enough to get away from predators that are bigger than it. 


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