Thursday, September 08, 2016

My 25th Birthday Celebration...!!!

Hey Y'all,

So my birthday has come and gone. I'm another year older. I am halfway to fifty. Fifty can you believe that. I mean I'm already dreading turning thirty. I had all these goals that I wanted to accomplish before I turned thirty that I probably never will accomplish. Anyway, I guess my birthday was okay. I had off. I didn't have to call off or anything from work to enjoy it. I on't really feel like I'm twenty five now. I look the same and the feel the same. I wonder when I will start to feel my age. I also didn't do much for my birthday. My boyfriends mom took Violet for me for the day so I could enjoy a baby free day. That was nice of her. I basically spent the whole day at home with my boyfriend. We were planning on going out to see a movie and dinner. But that never happened. There's nothing wrong with doing completely nothing on your birthday. I kind of wish I would of planned something more exciting. But I didn't. Oh well there's always next year.