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Adventure's to a Amazing Magical World...!!!

Hey Everyone,

I was coming home after eating lunch at a Mexican Restaurant with my mom when my friend had texted me, asking me if I was doing anything yesterday. Of course I said I wasn't. I mean let's face it. I've been home a total of two almost three weeks now and I still haven't found a job or done anything truly productive. I renewed my permit yesterday and I signed up to take my driver's test in August. And I guess you could say those are super productive things but not much else has happened since I filled out applications for jobs.

Anyway, my mom dropped me off at my friends house and we went to borders. She picked up at least half a dozen books. My eyes kept lingering over a whole bunch of books and she was like, if you want one, just grab it and you can pay me back later. I was so happy I almost couldn't make up my mind over which book I really wanted to buy. So I got Kiss of Life By Daniel Waters. This book is the second book of the series called Generation Dead. It's about Teenage Zombies and Zombie Rights and Zombie/Human Romance sorta. It's defiantly a interesting read. I highly recommend you read Generation Dead first though because it is the first book in the series and I thought it was really good.

The only problem I have now is how much I want to spend this check I just got on more books even though I am honestly running out of room on my shelf that I have. I have so many books already but I want to keep expanding. For example, I saw the paperback version of Sisters Red yesterday and the cover of that book is so amazing, it makes you want to read it. Also right now is a good time to buy books from Borders since it is going out of business and they are lowering the prices on books almost every week. I told my friend that when she goes to Borders next week that I totally wanted to tag along.

Yesterday, my friend Green Thing gave me the idea to start a Series List. A Series List is a list of all the books you own in a series and which ones you have to buy to complete that series. Like I still need to get the sixth and seventh Harry Potter books in paperback to complete my series. I should also buy the fourth book again since mine isn't in the best shape. But if I did that than I might want to consider buying the whole set in paperback again to have a brand new copy. So that's what I've been working on since yesterday. I have a feeling my list will be very long.
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