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Progress in the Making...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Last night, I spent some time reading through Chapter Seven of The Light Chronicles. While I was skimming the page, I made some minor word and sentence changes that I thought were needed to make my Chapter hopefully better. I know I am not finished with this Chapter because it does not end in a very good place for the chapter to be complete. This may sound strange to some of you but trust me, I know when my chapter is finished.

The good news is that I had apparently written myself out of the corner without realizing it. So that makes me pretty happy that my chapter is closer to being done than I had realized but it still has a ways to go. I am defiantly not ready to move on to Chapter Eight just yet. I've still got a few tricks up my sleeves for the current chapter.

I emailed my favorite author, Weezie Kerr Mackey today. She wrote a beautiful email back to me that encouraged my new idea for the next book in The Light Chronicles series. I've been thinking about it for a while now that I wanted to change the name of the first book. So finally I came up for an idea that would work for the whole series that is still a little shaky and unplanned as of right now. The first book is going to now be known as either Willow ( The Light Chronicles  #1) or The Light Chronicles Willow. I am not sure which name I really like better for the series yet. The next book will be called either Cassie (The Light Chronicles #2) or The Light Chronicles Cassie. I plan to dive deeper into my character Cassie, learn more about her, and even give her a little romance while introducing new characters in her story. I want this series to have a total of four to five books in it.

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