Monday, August 08, 2011

Alice: Madness Returns...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Spoiler alert. If you have never played this game then you may not want to read this post. I  have read up on the game and I wanted to be able to describe it the best way I could. 

Well today I decided I wanted to check out this game I was thinking of buying so I could play it. I'm really curious about this new darker portrayal of Alice in Wonderland. Alice enters an Asylum after suffering from hallucinations after the death of her family in a fire that drives Alice insane and corrupts Wonderland in the process through Alice's mind. But that's just the first game that started this dark series.

Now the creators are back with Alice: Madness Returns. In this game, Alice has been released from the Asylum and sent to live in a children orphanage where she gets consent treatments from a therapist there. He uses hypnotists as a way to help Alice forget her memories of her families tragic ending. In the process her hallucinations start up again and she gets pulled back into a corrupted Wonderland once again. As she ventures through Wonderland, she learns that an outside source called the Doll Maker is responsible for the current Wonderland and that if she wants to save it, you must figure out who the Doll Maker is and why they are trying to make her forget her memories of Wonderland and her families death.

Even though this game seems to be darker and maybe even more terrifying than I think it is, I'm excited about trying it out when I get the chance.
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