Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Terrifying Experience's...!!!

Hey Everyone,
I was driving my little sister and her friend to Hershey Park in my dad's Lincoln LS. He was sitting in the passenger seat and we had just dropped them off at the main entrance. I got on the high way because I decided that I didn't want to wait in the construction on Linglestown Road. My dad was telling me to speed up and get over into the other lane.When I started to merge into the next lane on 81, I heard this frantic honking behind me. There was a car in my blind spot that I hadn't seen before I had started to begin the process of merging. I quickly moved back into my lane. As you can imagine, I was a little shaken up from the whole thing. After, my dad told me that his car has this huge blind spot behind his one door that makes it extremely difficult to see and that he should of told me about it before I had actually started to merge. Now I feel like a total idiot. It really scared me. This mistake makes me wonder if I'm really ready to take my driving test.On the plus side, my dad didn't freak out about it. What have I taken from this mistake? That no matter what, always look behind you before you merge.
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