Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lil' Red Riding Hood...!!!

Hey Readers,

So I found this new song that I really like. It's funny because I heard it from a new car commercial and I just knew that I needed to add it to my playlist. Anyway, the song is called Lil' Red Riding Hood. This song has the chills if you know what I mean. It plays as the woman sings the songs lyrics followed by the eerie strums of the guitar that give it such a creepy feel. The woman's voice is soft and almost creepy and she sounds like she's talking to someone, perhaps the big bad wolf. Telling him or Red about the wolf and what runs through the Big Bad Wolfs mind when he see's Red. 

My car doesn't want to start which is disappointing because I had class today and tomorrow I have work. I'm worried I'm going to have to request off so I can somehow get my car to the shop if I can't find a way to do it today. This isn't something I'm too thrilled to be doing. I mean, it's crazy. My car was fine like two days ago and I go out Monday morning and try to start it and it won't turn on. I had to drive my mothers car to work. That was not a fun experience, believe me. 

I started reading this new series called The Morganville Vampires. I thought you know another vampire book but this series really has me gunning to read every book I can get my hands on. The story is about a girl named Claire, who moves to Morganville at her parents insistence request because they don't want their sixteen year old daughter too far away from home. I guess they can't handle their daughter being far away from home in a college full of boys ready to take advantage of her. Anyway, her first days in the dorm are terrible so she heads out with a plan to fine somewhere to live. She ends up living in the Glass House, with three roommates  Micheal, Shane, and Eve. They become friends and have many adventures in a town run by the undead colony of vampires.

Tomorrow is my tenth anniversary with my boyfriend, Josh. I can't believe we've been together this long. It's just so crazy. I thought I'd never be with someone for that long. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him so much. We have a new show called, The Following. This show is creepy. Has a great catchy song that makes me want to bob my head up and down and get up and dance. It's just awesome, I say everyone should watch it. 


Juliet said...

aww congratulations on your tenth anniversary! That's awesome; I hope I have something like that one day!
sorry I haven't visited in a while, I took a break from blogging, but I'm back!
hope you're having a great day!