Wednesday, January 02, 2013

What I Got for Christmas...!!!

Hey Readers,

So I'm gonna break down my Christmas for you guys so far. I actually got some pretty exciting stuff and I can't wait to share it with you. 

So what did I get for Christmas? Okay, I'll start off with what my wonderful boyfriend Josh got me. I probably should mention that he couldn't be here with my family on Christmas Eve because it snowed and even though he has the glorious jeep machine, his back tires are terrible. So he couldn't come. Which left me so angry and mad at the things that I can't control. Like the weather and work. But he got me a new navy blue jacket and blue fuzzy gloves to match and he also got me the pendant from Vampire Diaries. I wanted it because it was pretty and unique. I love jewelry that I find to be special and unique, anything but ordinary. I would have to say that out of all the gifts I received for Christmas those were the best.

My dad gave me a hundred bucks for Christmas. My grandma and Aunt each gave me twenty five bucks and a pair of fuzzy socks. My mom and step dad gave me gift cards to books a million and to the movie theater for me and my boyfriend. I guess they think we don't go out enough. Anyway, I also got a Micheal's gift card because I love arts and crafts. They also got me a Tinkerbell wheel cover and sticker for my car. The best gifts I got from them were Dishonored the PS3 game and The Hobbit. I was so excited. I only wish I wasn't such a slow reader.

How was everyone else's Christmas? I would like to know how everyone's new year was too.