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The Let Down of Being an Adult...!!!

Hey Readers,

So yeah, I finally discovered the let down of being an adult. The let down of being an adult includes growing up completely, moving out (which is exciting), paying all your expenses on your own, and well there are a lot of things really. 

If I were to break it down, which I'm going to whether or not you really wanted me to go into it. These are the things I find most displeasing. When you grow up, the only perks are drinking alcoholic beverages, registering to vote when your eighteen, and being able to buy tobacco products at the age of eighteen  These are small and perks that are similar in a sense to the video game Skyrim, as in you have perks for every skill and get to increase one whenever you choose(as soon as you level up). The downsides of being an adult are well being able to drink could be bad for some because many people don't understand that everyone has a limit to how much they can consume. Then there are the people who like tobacco products and use them on a daily basis. I believe everyone should register to vote but some don't register right away and are looked down upon as being a form of outcast. Other things you shouldn't look forward to are moving out, which I admit is a very exciting idea but that actual process can be intimidating and very scary. Once you live on your own, you no longer rely on your parents who pay for most everything you need. It's completely up to you to provide for yourself. If your lucky, your parents will try to help you out as much as they can. You are know responsible for everything you do, your job, how much you spend, and how much you need to save and what not. 

So I guess the bad out weigh the good. But don't let that stop you from having a great adult life and living it to the fullest you can.

I'm sorry guys if my grammar stinks. 


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