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13 is for Treize!


Good morning everyone. I think today is a really great day. I woke up way off schedule but I managed to get everything I wanted to get done this morning. I don't have very much time to complete this post so I got to type faster.

I  am a busy little bee. I've been filling out applications everyday. Last night I was attempting to fill out an application way too late at night and decided it would be better to do them today instead. I feel like such a slacker. I'm not one though. I've been trying very hard to get a job, filling out five applications a day except yesterday because of poor judgment and planning. I'm normally pretty good with planning and organization. So I don't know what happened yesterday.

I have been racing to get things done. I have my school work (home schooling), plus my daily chore chart(which I need to fill out), and my reading list which I already know won't be finished by the end of this year. Now, I'm focusing on a job that has more to do with my being my own boss. I want to make flyers for Babysitting/Nanny/Dog Walker/Pet Sitting/House Sitter. I figure I'd probably be able to get some good business and make some money so I can start saving for college. Which will be so much fun. Along with that I might get a student loan for the entire college so I can pay it off and then start it right away. It seems like my best bet right now since my family doesn't want to support me without a flow of steady income. Do they realize how important it is to start college or how expensive most colleges are and how much books cost alone and the books are sent to me? The books are included in the tuition. Most colleges don't even offer that. Do they realize that it might be a while before I have steady income? Sometimes I wished they see things from my point of view.

Well that's all for today.

Love Britt

P.S. The hello of the day is in Azerbaijani.


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