Friday, November 02, 2012

College Has Me Broke...!!!

Hey Readers,

So now that I'm sort of living out of the house at my Aunts house which is thirty minutes away from college and work. I spend about forty dollars a week on gas for my Saturn Ion. I also have to visit my boyfriend when I'm in the area. On top of that, I have college almost everyday. So basically whether I have work or not, I'm driving out to HACC for my education. It sucks. I am so stressed out. I also have my car payment every month and car insurance and by the time I pay that and college together, its basically like rent. My total cost for those things is about seven hundred dollars. Its just crazy. I just, I'm in a huge rut. I can't get more hours because of my class schedule. I didn't plan very well.

I'm working on getting financial aid. 

I need to start budgeting my money. If anyone has some advice on how to start doing that, it would be great. I always get confused because you have to have a basic knowledge of all your spending and my way of thinking doesn't understand that concept. I know that sounds dumb but it just doesn't make sense  I do however have everything written down that I pay every month for certain things. I guess that's a start.